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au revoir, le central

September 13, 2015


le central has sat at the corner of 8th and lincoln in denver for many years.

34 years, to be exact.

that’s a long time for a restaurant.

this one was special–  affordable french food

in a casual, unpretentious setting.

exquisite french food.


i had a lot of time to take detail shots outside the building this past week.

we went to le central three times and stood in line waiting

for the opportunity to enjoy our favorite restaurant

before it closed its doors.


one last sunday brunch with family.


one last weekday lunch.


one last birthday celebration.


how many times over the years

have we checked in at this reception desk,

sometimes with reservations,

sometimes without?

i couldn’t begin to guess.

birthdays, anniversaries,

pre-theater dinners,

brunches and lunches before art museum exhibitions,

taking visiting friends and relatives

to our very favorite restaurant…

not to mention the exceptional wine dinners–

five courses with five wine pairings.

two and a half to three hours of

leisurely. fine. dining.

those were the best.


le central looked deceptively small from the street,

but inside it stretched out into many small intimate rooms

 each with its own unique artwork and furnishings.

our favorite was always the enclosed back porch,

flooded with light from a wall of exterior windows

along with lovely paned windows that opened to the interior.


tiny flower bouquets graced each table

and one always sat down to freshly folded linen napkins.


the menu changed daily–


menu2 menu3and always included les moules et frites,

although the list of different preparations got smaller

as closing day got closer…

(always except last sunday when they ran out of

mussels after lunch, having served 1,000 pounds

of mussels in two days!)


it’s hard to imagine not having le central

as our number one denver destination,

one that nicely complemented every other

activity that we planned.


so many wonderful memories…


if these walls could speak,

the stories they could tell.


all the footsteps on these floorboards,

the many, many people who loved le central as we did.

thank you robert tournier for the vision you had

34 years ago to open an affordable french restaurant

for the people of denver.

the long lines outside of your restaurant this week

attest to the fact that you succeeded

beyond your wildest dreams.

and thank you to the exceptional staff of le central

who made each of our visits wonderfully memorable.


we loved every minute!

c’est tout, c’est fini.

merci beaucoup.

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  1. September 14, 2015 12:14 pm

    Ah , merci pour les souvenirs délicieux !
    Sad to see it go, even though I’ve never been. The mural and everything!

    • sassysistersink permalink*
      September 14, 2015 11:32 pm

      truly sad for us… we’re not people who dine out much, but le central was always such a delightful destination for both of us. very eclectic, artistic, and the taste of France that both of us crave!!

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