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and so it begins

April 22, 2014

spring has come to the fuzzy slippers farm,

stealthily bringing its magic when we looked away for a moment.

the air is filled with varied birdsong

(oh, love those meadowlarks!)

and each day has the new spring green

leaning closer and closer to emerald.

last week’s snow did not harm the blossoms,

so we’re looking forward to our first fruit crop on the farm.

tulips and daffodils dot our landscape

and the skeletal outlines of our trees are softening at the edges.

ah, spring–

and so it begins, in so many ways!!

i took a giant leap last week:


you can imagine how very happy this made me!

miss si gaoithe, despite being only four years old (last week)

and under saddle for only a year,

has such a steady disposition and level head

that she was the perfect choice for my getting back in the saddle again.

yee haw!!

our other four year old, caoinlean, celebrated his birthday last week as well.

we opted to wait a year before starting him under saddle,

and i’m so glad we did–

he put on a couple hundred pounds in the last year

and appeared eager to begin training.

we got him a new bridle for his birthday:


a fancy, schmancy little number that he was pretty proud of!

and so, on the perfect day last week,

we took him out to the round pen to get him started.

he wore the bridle out there just to get a feel for it,


and then we switched it for his halter and lunged him with the saddle.

and then…

sara took him to the middle of the pen and eased onto his back.


um hmmm.

now what, he was thinking…



how about this??

fine, he said.

no reaction whatsoever.

he was perfect!

he got to graze a little bit on the way back in,

and he could not wait to tell his mama

what he had just done:


i think he used a type of horsey shorthand

that went something like this:

IMG_1683either way, we’re pretty darned proud of the little guy!

in other horse news,

the herd is shedding like crazy

and losing their wooly mammoth appearance.

i finally took rose’s braids out,

and this is what she looks like freshly undone:



after i brushed her out, i nicknamed her “fluffy”:




that face.

we celebrated another new spring beginning on sunday…

given the sudden burst of growth we figured it was the perfect time

to open the gate for some grazing.

we had a little help bringing some lawn chairs out to the pasture

so that we could enjoy every minute right along with the horses:


and then,



it was a quick 20 minute grazing session,

because we didn’t want anybody overdoing it on fresh spring grass.


but it was a fine 20 minutes, i’ll tell you!


let’s just say that going back in was another story…


as far as other new beginnings,

i’ve been trying to challenge myself to explore various photography ideas

that have long been on the back burner.

i pulled out the lensbaby lens for the nikon

and snapped a few quick pix:


the lensbaby is a creative lens with a focal point surrounded by blur.

you can choose the focal point as well as

add various attachments to get different effects,

much like photo apps on the phone.


please note that these have no such variations…


the reason being that you have to shoot in manual mode,

something that up to this point i have been allergic to.


time to get crackin’.

today i set up some “photo shoots” in the studio,

just to play with different perspectives and object groupings.



given the current popularity of square format prints i thought i’d give that a try.

please pardon the fact that these look like the puzzles in kids magazines

where you try to find the differences between two similar pictures…





IMG_1732                                                                          small ribbon-wrapped journal in center by elizabeth bunsen


obviously these are all flat arrangements shot from above,

but i want to play around with all kinds of interior shots to motivate me

to move things around a bit.

sometimes i get stuck in a rut…


and there you have it,

a season of new beginnings!

i hope that wherever you are spring is tossing her head

and shaking out her curls much like my girl rose.

may the sun warm and recharge you,

and may the greenly leaping things all around

bring new hope and joy!

be well!


p.s.  spring evenings just don’t get much better than this:


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  1. April 22, 2014 7:51 pm

    I can tell from this post that you are loving life and are full of energy now that spring is here (and it helps that you can ride again!). The horses are all so pretty. I laughed at the stool beside Sara and Caoinlean, but of course, it’s necessary! How many hands high do they average? And Si Gaoithe, what a good girl she is (and gorgeous, too). Rose’s crimped mane reminded me of being a teenager and going to bed with damp braids so my hair would be crimped and wavy when I woke up. Your vignettes are so rich and artfully composed. My favorite has the lovely small journals lying on the tapestry with your dip pens. That final shot of the horses with the sun shining through the trees is just perfect!

    • sassysistersink permalink*
      April 23, 2014 2:43 am

      hi, Diana! yes, it is funny to think of needing the step to mount but the truth is that we’re concerned about the saddle slipping and giving Caoinlain a bad experience. the step allowed us to slide gently on board! we are constantly playing saddle fitting games with these young ones. the gypsies are a compact breed– ours are from about 14.2-15.2 hands. Tireachan and Cormac are larger than the others, or at least Cormac indicates that he WILL be a big boy! we are having fun with the warm weather and long evenings. we manage to get a lot done which we really need to given the number of horses we have! i’m glad you enjoyed the photos– thanks for being here!

  2. April 22, 2014 10:22 pm

    so glad you are back in the saddle!
    and WOW….caoinlean’s new bridle!
    and rose’s braids….so jealous of that wavy hair.

    and *you know* how pleased i am you are riding *my* horse, miss si gaoithe….!!

    love you, janet.
    happy earth day.


    • sassysistersink permalink*
      April 23, 2014 2:51 am

      i rode *your* horse again this afternoon, this time a little longer, and had her do some side passes and a few other things to get back into the feel of it all. it’s good to be working my way back! si gaoithe has always been so steady, and i’m grateful to have her to boost my confidence!
      earth day was warm and lovely, and certainly spending time with the animals makes me pause and take note of what a lovely world we live in.
      love you, too, my friend!

  3. April 25, 2014 12:16 pm

    You look good atop saddle, under blue skies! There’s a gentleness and a patient look in that pony’s eyes, just right for your “new” beginning in the riding world. Oh the joy! I can feel it. You’re so lucky to have those beings around you, to touch and talk to.
    Snazzy bridle. What lovely tooling. I think they know when they’re wearing something new and fancy. Hehe.
    Roses hair. I had to laugh when I saw the before and after pictures of her mane. Mine looks just like that if I dare brush it out. I don’t own a brush. Rose can get away with it, but I look scary with straight hair! Seriously.
    Your house looks like a happy house. Spring looks good on you!

    • sassysistersink permalink*
      April 25, 2014 3:35 pm

      ah, Lynn! you always leave thoughtful comments to brighten my day! yes, I AM lucky to have these big, fuzzy beasts in my life and I never take that for granted! to walk out the front door and have one of them whinny because they spotted me makes my heart swell with joy!! you will have to come down and meet them personally!
      the sky to the west is a hazy shade of winter, but the sun from the east is coming on strong and it should be a beautiful day. soon I will stop in at the little cemetery to see how our flowers are coming along. I’ll let you know.

  4. April 30, 2014 1:36 am

    It’s so good to see you in the saddle again. It must have taken some guts after your accident, you should be proud of you!
    Wishing you blue bird skies and warm weather to bask in while the horses graze.
    Be well. xx

    • sassysistersink permalink*
      April 30, 2014 1:47 am

      lovely to see you here, friend!
      yes, i thought long and hard about how to “re-enter” the saddle, but that day out in the round pen in knew without question that the moment had come and up i went! ta-da!!
      we are in day three of a return to furious winds and dipping temperatures. things are looking good for the weekend, however, so there is basking ahead!!

  5. UmberDove permalink
    April 30, 2014 7:09 pm

    So. Much. Glory here! Oh woman, I am THRILLED to see you in the saddle!! Tally ho!

    • sassysistersink permalink*
      April 30, 2014 7:40 pm

      oh, kelly!! i am THRILLED by so MANY of the things i see happening in your life!! you back in the studio, me back in the saddle…
      life is good.
      so good.

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