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small things make me happy

November 2, 2013

there have been many small moments this week when there was no question

that progress is being made–  in many ways.


when the third dreary day in a row dawned on this solar-powered human,

i gave in and made the most of it.

there was reading, online class videos to watch, and knitting,


using this scrumptious hand dyed pure merino wool.

after years of saying i wanted to learn to knit

i went to trusty youtube and figured it out.

this was taken back at skein one–  now i’m on skein three.

when the fog lifted i watched the birds arrive for breakfast.


there were dozens of them taking turns,

filling up the bushes while they waited or scouring the ground

for the seed that got knocked out by the others.


yesterday, when the clouds finally drifted away,

the sun blazed in with blinding intensity.

i could feel its radiance go right through me.

then i noticed the sunshine sparklers on the big bouquet

of gathered goodness that we brought in last weekend.

it might as well have been a christmas tree

for the way it captivated me.






my spirit was light and my soul filled with joy.

i carried that with me through the entire day.


today was a landmark day, of sorts.

i was asked to teach for a field trip of third graders coming to sandstone ranch.

somehow i knew that the answer was yes without giving it any thought.

(as long as there was no extensive walking or lifting, let’s be honest…)

it was perfect.

i loved it.

sandstone ranch is now under the stewardship of the longmont recreation department,

and the original farmhouse serves as the visitor center.

used for educational purposes, it is magnificent.


my job was to teach the kids about animals native to this region.


this is a win/win proposition at its finest.


pelts and puppets made me as happy as the kids.


not to mention all of the wonderful taxidermy samples that gave the kids

a true understanding of many of the animals we talked about.




between the high interest of the kids and the rich resources available

it was the nicest afternoon i’ve spent in a long time.


two and a half hours flew by.

i’m happy to volunteer any time i can.

when i got home i turned the horses out.

they were all eager for a change of scenery…

all except this one:


she wanted nothing more than my undivided attention for a good fifteen minutes.

i talked to her, scratched her all over, petted her…

and if i took a step, she took a step.

this was our time together, and she let me know it.

to be honest, this is a picture that i took last week–

today i didn’t compromise our special time

by turning it into a photo session.

i think we were both glad.


so, perhaps the title of this post is misleading…

either that or the small things are really the big things.

yes, i prefer to think of it that way.

have a jolly weekend filled with wonderful small things, my friends.

thanks for being here.

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  1. November 2, 2013 3:46 pm

    so very sweet: you took a step, rose took a step.
    you two are truly bonded.

    and teaching for a field trip….!….how wonderful!
    all those pelts. all those puppets.
    what fun, what joy….

    there is a serenity in this post that touches my heart. it really does.

    much love to you……..

    • sassysistersink permalink*
      November 2, 2013 4:43 pm

      oh yes, marie! this week of the healing process has felt like stepping back into the light. there have been so many moments of the awareness of that, along with divine guidance on choosing wisely. the time with rose yesterday was something we both needed, and i was so touched by the fact that she initiated it!

      i hope you have enjoyed your holiday and feel rejuvenated. peace to you, my friend.


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