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color + boldness + passion + freedom = **FLORA**

September 22, 2013

last year was pivotal for me in many ways.

something was telling me to be brave, to embrace change, and to be open to possibility.

that ‘something’, it turns out, was my intuition, and i followed it.

i’m so glad i did, because it set in motion a series of possibilities that i couldn’t even have imagined!


one of the first decisions i made was enrolling in flora bowley’s bloom true e-course,

a five-week online program with daily posts monday through friday.

it was life altering.

that’s a bold statement to make for an online course,

but i say it sincerely.

bloom true is not a rapid-fire series of art techniques,

but a whole new approach to painting that applies equally to all of life.

flora is warm, engaging, soulful, and inspiring,

and the videos embedded in each lesson make one feel as if

a dear friend is in the room personally encouraging one through the process.

take a look at this brief clip:

Screen shot 2013-09-11 at 3.10.47 PM

now, in an admission of startling honesty,

i’ll tell you that while i did get several layers of paint on two large canvases,

i did not get the paintings completed.

if you remember, in roughly a 24 hour period last summer we found our wonderland farm

at the very first place we visited,

brought the family members out to see it,

and signed the contract.

the paints were packed away for the move

and we made the huge transition from city life to country life.

however, in the midst of the madness,

i never missed one of flora’s posts.

in fact, her unique approach to life through her painting process

buoyed me up throughout the transition.

at the end of class, when asked for feedback,

i could honestly say, “had i never picked up a paintbrush,

this class would have been worth its weight in gold!”


when past participants were invited to participate in the affiliate program for bloom true,

i immediately signed up.

this is NOT something i would have done in the past–

i would have thought about it,

which for me has so often resulted in inaction.

but i’ve given that up!

now i follow my intuition and take action when something feels right,

and my life is so much richer for it!

should you decide that this program is a good fit for you and register through my link,

i will receive a portion of that fee at the end of class.

but, perhaps more importantly, should you decide to register

you will be taking the class WITH ME!!

flora has shot all new video for the session that begins on september 30,

and i have decided that i would very much enjoy the chance to do it all again!

isn’t that the ultimate recommendation?!

sure, september 30 is right around the corner,

but that means that the energy and excitement that you feel upon registering

will be almost immediately rewarded with the beginning of class!

are you ready to let go of expectations and follow your intuition

to a world of possibility?

then be brave, click HERE and join me in an adventure that will have you saying,

“my life is so much richer for it”!

seize from every moment its unique novelty, and do not prepare your joys.

andre gide


p.s.  want to watch flora create a painting on canvas?

click HERE!!

want to read flora’s awesome book that encourages you to let go, be bold, and unfold?

then you must read Brave Intuitive Painting as i have done THREE times already

and will most certainly read again!

it’s become a handbook for my brave, exciting life!

go HERE and click the fuschia “book” box at the top!

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