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the return of inspiration

August 12, 2013

it’s been tough to keep my sense of equilibrium this summer.

there has been so much of so much.

a lot of it has been out of my control,

but i may also just be prone to a bit of excess…

however, i’ve known myself for quite a while

and i’m guessing there won’t be a great deal of change

on that front any time soon.

so as a new school year begins

(the first one i won’t be returning for in decades)

i figured that as my family members return to their rigors

i, too, will challenge myself.

i started to try to explain that,

but i think it’s better i not do that.

let’s see how it all unfolds, shall we?


i awoke early this morning

and went for a lovely walk before feeding the horses.

it could not have been a more beautiful morning.






it worked exactly as i had hoped, and i returned content and ready to get to work.

after feeding the horses i fixed myself a nice little breakfast

consisting of one farm-fresh egg and a helping of last night’s farm fresh rhubarb (and berry) crisp.

yes, i had whipped cream for breakfast.

and, i will do so again when the opportunity arises.


then it was time to get into the studio–

the freshly cleaned, reorganized studio with repotted plants.

i checked the lists i had made in my journal and got to work:


i had moved the record player (turntable, whatever…) to a more accessible place

since music, particularly loud sing-along female vocalists,

have been noticeably absent in my life of late.


i put on some old favorites and went from this


to this


in no time.

(i scanned actual tiles for future use as design and color inspiration for new projects.)

i was in the groove, the one where everything i looked at inspired me:


my new beading corner (after i hang up the angel, i mean)


the sheep’s wool i picked up on the downs of sussex right behind virginia woolf’s house

and the horse hair from my  horse herd,

neatly tucked into the cover of a journal


my own photographs, which i rotate around by color, theme, travel…

until i know exactly how i will use them in a finished product.

after downloading all of this morning’s photos i went back outside for some quality horse time.

see, the big boys were ridden yesterday:




so today it was girl’s day:




i love my horses so much, every one of them.

i must say, though, that rose is so good for me.

we seem to look at life a lot the same way, and our pace is similar.

we are patient and kind with each other.

we have no unrealistic expectations.

it’s a peaceful partnership.

the ultimate reward for a job well done:


and the clouds held off until grazing recess was over.


in other news around the farm, we added some chickens since my post last april.

it started with two light brahmas that sara promptly named ethel and doris.

she had a 1940’s image of little girls on a farm in gingham dresses

while i, on the other hand, had two aunts named ethel and doris

that were my father’s sisters.

little problem–  there was also another sister named edith.

sooo, yesterday we went to the poultry sale at the county fair

and found our edith.


from the left there is teeny, tiny little blanche with her best friend doris,

then (ahem…) the former “aubree”, now know as aubert, who is an absolutely gorgeous

ROOSTER that crows all day long,

and then the lovely edith on the right.


looking on are ethel and aurelie.

there are several others who did not pose for photos.

there is also another newcomer…

(prone to excess, prone to excess…)

meet whoopee:


is she not a riot??!!




also, here is a purely gratuitous shot for brandi, who has been posting amazing and dramatic shots of spiderwebs on foggy mornings:


i readily admit to unabashed cheating, as there is obviously NO fog

while there WAS a water bottle.

i also had a little help from an authentic spider.


in closing, here is a submission for the “people are inherently good and wonderful” movement

that i hope someone starts real soon:


our neighbors at the corner a half-mile up the road

have been putting this out in front of their house on the weekends.


in case you can’t read the sign,

they offer cold drinks for animals and cyclists,

along with the hope that you enjoy pleasantview ridge.


and there you have it–

life is pretty wonderful, yes?!

4 Comments leave one →
  1. Brandi permalink
    August 13, 2013 12:56 am

    I may have to stalk spider webs with a water bottle on dry mornings! I found that hilarious and giggled to myself at the computer.
    Hope you are very well.

    • sassysistersink permalink*
      August 13, 2013 2:22 am

      yup, a tiny bit of artifice never hurts, right?
      I, however, laughed hysterically at your instruction to shake my “Boo Tea” since the contents may have settled in shipment!!
      I am doing much ‘weller’ of late– thanks!

  2. August 13, 2013 1:49 am

    yes, indeed: life is pretty wonderful, especially after viewing your photos and seeing your crazy beautiful colourful life!!!

    • sassysistersink permalink*
      August 13, 2013 2:31 am

      yes, the color is returning and it is vivid!
      there is so much that is good and wonderful!

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