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today was, um… interesting.

May 3, 2013

greetings, friends.

i felt a little bad about yesterday’s whiny post.

i try to come to my computer feeling positive when i blog.

you choose to come here and read these posts

and i take that very seriously.

i feel like i owe you something either beautiful or funny,

and certainly uplifting if possible.

quite simply, i wasn’t feeling it yesterday.

perhaps this post can put that in perspective a bit.

today i woke up on the right side of the bed,

eagerly anticipating the arrival of our arena panels!

woo hoo, right?

and right on time  (8:00 AM) the driver pulled in.

there was just one little problem…

yesterday’s snow…


was turning into today’s mud.

we hoped that the semi could make it down the driveway and out to the pasture

where the panels needed to be placed.

he tried.

oh, he tried.

five times, each time getting a faster run at it.




he thought we’d have a forklift.


nobody told him that he was delivering this to a family farm

that happens to be without a forklift

(or any other heavy machinery, for that matter).

thanks to a wonderful neighbor’s help,

the driver, my son-in-law, and the neighbor managed to unload

the 43 150-lb. panels and the 42 posts

and stack them at the opposite end of our property

from where the arena will be built.

(little additional labor, anyone?  anyone?)

no problemo.

good moods prevailed all around.

we thanked him for his help and shook hands good-bye.

i came in and got busy, only to find out a bit later

that there was a teeny little problem outside:


that tractor on the back was to be his next delivery…


and yes, those back trailer wheels are in the ditch and the left front wheel is in fact up to its axle in mud.

this rig ain’t goin’ nowhere.

unfortunately, right after this i walked back and looked at my dream horse, rose.


eeek.  look away, look away.

the next two hours were spent trying to find a neighbor who might have a tractor big enough to pull the semi out.

last resort:  reliable towing (who gets a two-thumbs-up approval rating, btw).

the sheriff got here just before the tow truck…


because you see that little red pipe thingy by the trailer?

yeah.  that’s a gas line.  turns out we were ok,

based on a sniff test.

(even after the pipe thingy got stuck and dragged a bit by the trailer when it was pulled out.

i love living in the country.)

but the sheriff was cool and stayed to block traffic during the towing process.


all’s well that ends well, and this ended well.

i can tell you that roberto (the driver) never lost his positive outlook

and even grabbed a shovel to fill in all the deep ruts before departing at 2:00 PM.

this was not lost on me,

making me even more mindful of the importance of attitude.

so i went back to clean pens and love my horses in a better frame of mind.

which was not easy, as you will see…

warning:  some of the following images are graphic:







don’t you worry–

she’ll be back to this in no time:


those shots above are just bad tabloid material about celebrities caught without their makeup.


she’s the real deal.


2 Comments leave one →
  1. May 3, 2013 12:54 am

    short of having a trailer stuck in my driveway, our mud situation is about the same.
    i’m constantly wiping down the white dog, brushing the sand off the wee curly dachshund.

    such is life.
    yet, life is good.


    • sassysistersink permalink*
      May 3, 2013 3:31 am

      yup, it is good.
      when perspective is not skewed…

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