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friday archives, part 10

May 3, 2013

hi, friends!

welcome to the almost-weekend!

this week i edited the photos from the first week of our 2010 europe trip,

the week we spent in great britain.

the lovely part about returning to a place that you have been before

is that you go deeper each time,

discover more details.

on our last visit there we were unable to get tickets to see war horse,

so that was the first item on our agenda.


i can not say enough good things about this play.

theater has an effect on me that is hard to describe.

if you already love theater, i don’t need to.

we were staying in the bloomsbury district again,

so we walked over to charles dickens’ house.


bookshelves loaded with the many editions of books he’d penned

lined the walls of one entire room.


i’m always fascinated to see where great authors and artists created their works.

we took the tube to hampstead to see both the heath

and the home (now a museum) where john keats and fanny brawne lived.

the film bright star romanticized the home considerably…

the sun was shining when we walked hampstead heath,

but the breeze was chilly.

we came upon some lovely inhabitants:



and their brood:


we enjoyed a lovely midday repast at a corner cafe.

meals are such a delight during travel, don’t you agree?



in our perambulations we came upon a charming residential area

where each entryway was adorned with tile work.

i am a sucker for beautiful tile.



that night we went to see oliver on stage.

and of course we took the train down to sussex to indulge our bloomsbury passion once again.

this time we met up with some friends to visit both charleston farmhouse and monk’s house.

we had a grand time, so grand that i took no photos at charleston.

(it was overcast anyway…).

monk’s house, home of virginia and leonard woolf,

is quite cozy and intimate.


these steps lead  from the kitchen up to the backyard garden.


this is the doorway into virginia’s bedroom.

speaking of gardens, another delight of travel to such lush places as the uk

is the opportunity to visit gardens.

we spend hours walking through parks and gardens.




on this visit we took a boat ride down the thames,

getting a different perspective on some of the local attractions:


the eye of london,


big ben,


and the tower of london.

we also passed a boat named after my firstborn:


that was a surprise!  (even if they misspelled her first name with an ‘h’)

on our last day there we visited the victoria and albert museum.

this place is utterly amazing.

their dining hall offers every selection imaginable

along with all manner of seating arrangements.


some like to take advantage of the lovely adjoining courtyard.

on our walk back we stopped by 22 hyde park gate,

because it’s what we DO.


in case that’s too small, here’s a close-up:


thanks for being here.

please join me next friday for a sojourn to paris.

happy weekending!!

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