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friday archives, part 9

April 27, 2013

may, 2010.

that’s all i got a chance to edit this week, but it was still satisfying.

474 images, of which i deleted 151.

this is called progress in my book.

and since i’m writing this book,

progress it is!!

before i show you my selected images for this week,

i’d like to point out two very important things:

1.  my selections were strongly influenced by the fact

that in the past two weeks we have had TWO FEET of snow,

making me long for light and color.

2.  in spite of how wordpress labels this post,

it was in fact written on FRIDAY evening in my time zone.

let us proceed.

the first couple of photos were taken of my old house on days at home

when i simply grabbed the camera because something caught my eye:


this was either because of the europe photos i printed out large scale OR

that i noticed the fact that there was no place to sit.


my stairway had the neatest narrow shelf  along the wall for display.

jill, i hope that you are enjoying that feature.

the next several are part of a photo documentary that i am working on about the agricultural history of boulder county.

so much of our land has been lost to development, and since it was agriculture that brought me to this place,

(long story…)

i am keenly aware of how “progress” is truly a matter of perspective,

and i feel a deep sense of responsibility now to advocate for those who have devoted their lives to the land.

may the family farm continue to be a mainstay of the american economy.



the numbers on those mailboxes are crafted from bottle caps.

i love that.





a few shots from a bike ride out to sandstone ranch:





now…  about that light and color:





how about BLOSSOMS????







and just for fun, some rust,


a robin who fell asleep in someone’s driveway,


some pelicans at golden ponds,


and a fence post.


because i am nothing if not diverse.


the reason i stopped editing photos at the end of may is because there is another europe trip coming in june!!!!

up next week–  armchair travel, my friends!!

and just to keep you up to date on the current happenings around here,

these french chicks are what currently reside in my bathtub:

Preview of “Untitled” (dragged)

clockwise, from top left:

*  aubree, an araucana bantam

*  aurelie, an araucana

*  coco, a cuckoo maran

*  blanche, a porcelaine bantam

(you people who worked with me at school over the past many years

stop that hysterical laughter right now!!)

this is my real life as it was meant to be lived,

and just to prove it, i’m going to ride my unicorn tomorrow…


i may need glass slippers and a tiara, though.

life is beautiful.

thanks for sharing it with me.


2 Comments leave one →
  1. April 27, 2013 4:23 pm

    life truly is beautiful. especially when one has french chicks taking over the bathtub….

    much love to you.

    • sassysistersink permalink*
      April 28, 2013 1:46 am

      ha ha!! and added two more today– light brahmas, as yet unnamed!
      thank you, marie!

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