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friday archives, part 8

April 19, 2013

believe it or not, i managed to edit only two weeks worth of photos this past week.

there is actually a reason for this, however.

in april of 2010 i purchased my nikon,

and thereafter followed a flurry of photo taking.

up to this point it has been fairly easy to edit old photos

and i managed to go through months of them rather quickly.

(well, unless we were traveling…)

this month (april 2010) was the tipping point in my photo career,

the point at which a camera became another appendage.

i did end up deleting about a hundred images from that two-week period,

so progress is being made.

am i the only one who wonders why people keep bad pictures?

you know the ones–  eyes closed, out of focus, motion blur.

perhaps it’s that those of us over a “certain age”

remember very well the days of film photography

(i mean before it was ‘retro’ or ‘vintage’),

the days when you had no idea what you had actually captured

until you picked up your prints from the store where you had them developed.

and then, since you had paid for them to be printed,

you tended not to throw them away.

now, in the digital age,

it’s much more simple.

in theory.

i have kept an awful lot of bad images on this poor machine,

a situation i am slowly rectifying.

and de-rectifying, as the case may be.

like last night when i took rose out for a photo shoot with her new accessory

and came back in and downloaded another 52 images.

to be fair, i did delete three of them–

she had her eyes closed!

but that is for another blog post…

here are the photos of late april, 2010:

i took an evening spring walk with the new camera,

just to see what i would find.


the shadowy layers of the rocky mountain front range

was one of my first attempts, and it made me love my nikon!

then this:


the moon had risen early enough to be fully illuminated by the setting sun

against the still-blue sky.

did i ever mention that i was in florida visiting my grandparents and SAW

apollo 11 streak through the morning sky,

sending neil armstrong up to become the first person to walk on that beautiful celestial body?

what an enormous risk they took…

that, back in the day when space capsules returned to earth by falling into oceans.

oopsie.  birdwalked a bit there.

which is fitting, considering the next series of photos.

i LOVE working in a series, something that i intend to do much more of.

(like my ice crystal series here:

anyway, longmont is home to flocks of turkey vultures,

birds that make an absolute stinky MESS of the ground below where they nest

and are not exactly loved by those in the neighborhood.

however, that night i discovered a flock of them flitting around

the top of an enormous evergreen, and it was the first time

that i noticed how graceful and beautiful they are in flight.

they may have a face only a mother could love,

but in flight they are a sight to behold:







pretty amazing, huh?


this is a small crop of a house photo i shot from a distance.

the light in the window was just so pretty.

then, of course, there are the iPhone apps of which i am so fond.



i captured a lot of spring beauty in late april, 2010.






i say this to mark the strong contrast between april, 2010,

and what it looked like here this week,


april, 2013.

but that was wednesday, and today is friday.

this is what i see outside my window now:


things are slowly returning to normal.

guess i’d better head outside and grab the manure rake.

i’ve got plenty of lost time to make up for!

have a lovely weekend,

and please stop by next week for the latest archive update.

thanks for being here!

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