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friday archives, part 7

April 13, 2013

three weeks.

yes, it’s been three filled-to-the-gills weeks since the last friday archives post,

and this one has only a few weeks of photos edited–

from mid-february to mid-april of 2010.

some of them aren’t even good photos

but they hold meaning,

if only to me.

these begin on february 11,

when we went to the butterfly pavilion for addie’s fifth birthday.

the butterfly photos didn’t turn out,

but the grandkid photos did.



this is followed up by a couple of random tree shots

which exemplify the glory of  nature–

first the greening hope of spring


followed by what is visible prior to the green of spring:



one of the many photos i have of my feather collections.

about this time i began to seriously employ the use of camera apps for the iPhone…


on neighborhood walks down by the greenway trail,


at the denver botanic gardens when i went to a sculpture exhibit with friends,



(trees are sculptural…

plus the clouds are dizzyingly beautiful.)



walks around the lake north of town,


and simply gazing up through flowering tree branches close to home.


blossoms almost always catch my eye,

whether they are seed pods on poplar trees


or one of the orchids that i grow in my bathroom.


i am really hoping that the pace of life around here allows me a little more time

in the weeks ahead to catch up a bit and play with horses and photos.

i’m not counting too heavily on that, though.

there’s always excitement in the works here in wonderland.

stay tuned,

and have a great weekend!

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