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friday archives, part 6– on a saturday, no less.

March 23, 2013

i’ll be honest–

i’ve always had an unusual relationship with time.

i feel about time the way many people feel about money.

unlike money, however, there is no safekeeping of time.

(as long as we’re being honest, is there truly one for money??)

i digress.

nothing sets my mind at ease like knowing i have vast stretches of free time ahead of me.

what i’ve also come to realize is that nothing makes me less productive.

what a conundrum.

this retirement gig has thrown a new wrinkle into the mix–

half of the time i no longer know what day it is.

so this morning, as i sat by the kitchen window sipping my coffee

and watching the blizzard scream through the yard,

i had a sudden realization:

it is saturday.

yesterday was friday, and i failed to post friday archives.

(not a big deal, i understand.  but it provides me with a modicum of structure, you understand.)

which is testament to the fact that my mind has been otherwise occupied.

the impending arrival of rose to the farm

has come about rather suddenly.

on the one hand, i saw it coming.

on the other…

well, let’s just say that there is much to be accomplished

and a flurry of activity to attend to.

so yesterday, friday, i arranged the funds,

contacted the vet, mentally reconfigured the pen arrangement…

not once did photos even cross my mind.

which is just fine, considering the inclement weather today,

making it a perfect day to sit indoors at the computer.

therefore, here are the missing archive highlights

for the period of november, 2009 through january, 2010.

let us proceed.


sometimes, i just fall into a photograph.

what i mean is, when a photo evokes a mood i can literally be transported

to another time and place that may or may not be related to the actual photo content.

that’s the case with this one.

(keep in mind that when i’m editing these on my computer they are huge.)

i grew up along the central coast of california, where the fog rolls in off of the bay

and much of life is lived in a cloud.

foggy days in colorado are rare and inevitably carry a part of my heart right back home,

if only for a brief time.


these are the three very best things that i have ever accomplished in my entire life.

they will define my time on this earth.

this photo was taken having dinner at le central before heading to the

temple buell theater to see wicked.



a couple of shots of urban wildlife.

2009 was the first time i made it home for thanksgiving in 26 years.

november along the california coast is lovely.

we drove down highway 1 to big sur.


the beauty of this coastline never ceases to amaze me.


this little guy kept us company on the deck as we dined at nepenthe.


on the way back we stopped along a beach where the waves were picturesque.

the reflection of sun on sea gave brandt a nice silhouette.


it’s not a trip home without a stop at fisherman’s wharf.


these little critters are everywhere in the bay.


another one of those transporting pictures,

this one taken at the monarch habitat in pacific grove.

the light hit the moss just so.

back at home for christmas,

we had a traveling dinner celebration.

with three of us living in historic old longmont,

we each hosted a course of the holiday meal.


this is one of the reactions that you get when you ask a grandson to smile on command.


this is another, bordering on amusement at how ridiculous adults can sometimes be.

after christmas we spent a day in downtown denver,

stopping for libations and sweets at the brown palace hotel


where we looked up and up and up.

we entered into the new year with the adoption of (yet another) cat.


this is moufette (french for skunk), who is our little stinker.

it is also the time that i began to play with the hipstamatic app on the iPhone.


hipstamatic is a playground for the photographic mind.


hmm.  i wonder if perhaps the great variety of playgrounds that my mind likes to frequent

may just be a factor in my perplexing relationship with time…



probably not.

thanks for being here.

see you next week.


2 Comments leave one →
  1. March 23, 2013 6:06 pm

    the squirrel on the feeder.
    your beautiful girls.
    the smiling boys.
    the pine needles.

    all are my favourites but EVERY photo from your “cameras” is special, indeed….

    thank you for the opportunity to sit with a cup of tea and enjoy the things that bring joy to your heart. they bring joy to MY heart….as well….


    • sassysistersink permalink*
      March 23, 2013 6:14 pm

      thank you, faithful friend!
      we’re getting walloped by a spring snowstorm, and it’s a bit strange to be sitting here posting sunny coastal photos! you would have loved the baby horse’s faces when we went out to feed this morning– totally crusted in snow with big, eager eyes when they saw us coming!

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