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today was a very good day

March 17, 2013

*a guest post by tireachan*


i want to tell you about the very exciting day we had today.

you see, we horses have a very good friend named pencilfox,

and pencilfox sent me a little package for my birthday.

i’m not trying to cast aspersions on my mom,

but due to bouts of inclement weather and her travel schedule

my celebration was postponed until today.

this was entirely fine with me, however,

as it meant an almost day-long celebration in warm and balmy springlike weather.

it began with a good grooming,

the kind that occurs in the early stages of spring when our winter coats begin to shed.

when i was clean and sleek mom led me into the stall

and gave me this fantastic licky-thing from pencilfox!


not knowing what to say, i said nothing.

just licked.

si gaoithe had plenty to say…


begging me to share through the stall window.

mom assured me that it was all mine and to take my time.


so i did.

then i had a great *a-hah!* moment:

joy is so much greater when shared with those you love.

i asked if we could take it outside to one of the big feeders.

of course the answer was yes.


i told my brothers and sisters that i had birthday treats to share.

si gaoithe and cormac were the first to arrive.


they could not believe their eyeballs!

cormac is still a little short,

so big brother caoinlean came over to encourage him.



“come on, little buddy!”

pretty soon we were all cheering him on.


mom started taking the rest of the herd in to be brushed

while sara rode sunny and cormac practiced stretching.

caoinlean oohed and aahed under the shedding blade,

leaning almost to the point of falling over.


he cleaned up pretty well, but didn’t want to quit.

when it was si gaoithe’s turn he tried to block her way:


sara talked him out of it tricked him into letting her get by.

si gaoithe enjoyed her spa treatment,


but she had her eye on the licky-thing in the feed tub.

when sunny got cooled down he joined me.


we sometimes play rough, but we’re best buds.


the little ones patiently waited their turns.


meadbh was very ready to go,

but suddenly cormac pulled a little antic and played catch me if you can!

boy, that kid can run,

and look beautiful doing it.

mom caught him and then he was perfectly content.


more than content…


he loved it!

despite all the hair on the ground, however,

little cormac still looks like he’s wearing a sweater.

so there you have it:

a day of grooming, treats, and lots of attention.

now it’s time to take the focus off of me


and get back to business.

oh.  and thanks, pencilfox.

you made my day.



gypsy horse starter kit*:


some assembly required.

*feathered feet not included.

2 Comments leave one →
  1. March 17, 2013 3:14 am

    such a sweet post!

    please send me the gypsy horse starter kit. i need all the help i can get.


    • sassysistersink permalink*
      March 17, 2013 3:20 am

      you will get there.
      btw, sara and i went out at dusk to take the licky-thing out of the tub for the night… let’s just say that the fun is far from over and it was still in heavy rotation out there.

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