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friday archives, part five

March 15, 2013

greetings on this “55 degrees at six o’clock in the morning” precursor to spring day!

hard to believe that we had an unpredicted snowfall that began on monday night

and snowed straight through until daybreak on tuesday,

leaving us with lots of good moisture and lots of new MUD!!

today the high is to be 72 degrees–

yes, there will be horsing around!


so, this week i edited photos from june through october of 2009.

i started taking a lot more photos during that time,

so it is much slower going now.

feel like taking an armchair trip to europe again?

here we go:

it started with a stay in the bloomsbury district of london,

which always includes a stop at my favorite art supply store,



this place makes me hyperventilate:  chromatherapy at its finest.

london is a city that begs walking, so we take the tube to a general location

and wander on foot from there.

i had always wanted to see where 84 charing cross road was located,

and we found it.


if you have never read the book by the same name,

i highly recommend it.

walking affords photo opportunities that would otherwise be missed,

like this lovely jaguar parked curbside by a very beautiful restaurant.


this was made all the more special by the driver seeing a young boy’s interest in the car

and allowing him to sit in the driver’s seat.

sometimes i really, really like people.

normally i don’t consider legendary institutions to be sources of visual humour, per se,

but this sign at the tate britain changed that:


the courtauld gallery had an exhibit that made my heart go pitty-pat:

beyond bloomsbury:  designs of the omega workshops 1913-19.


i. love. this. stuff.


i also like the floor grates at the courtauld.

design elements rock my world, people.

we took another train ride down to sussex…

we picked up a car in brighton and drove to firle,

where we parked and took the footpath over to charleston farmhouse.


i love the footpath system in great britain,

which allows one to walk through private property so long as one

minds the gates and respects the animals.


seeing charleston farmhouse come into view feels strangely like a homecoming.


the pottery on the studio windowsill is but one of the many vignettes that illustrate charleston was the home of artists,

artists who put their hands to their home and made it a reflection of themselves.

i come away inspired every time.

after a week of busy city life in london we took a week of respite in the normandy countryside.

everything about the pace of life is different here,

slower and more contemplative.

not far from where we stay in connelles is a ruin on a precipice of land

that overlooks the lovely meandering of the seine.


we love to spend time in giverny,

all the more so since this trip when we first met christophe demarez.

christophe is not only our favorite living artist,

he possesses a unique joie de vivre that is entirely uplifting.

he and his wife catherine have become family friends.


this is christophe and me with the first two of his paintings that we acquired.

we like to drive the normandy countryside, which is possessed of the same quality of light

for which provence is famous.

the colors explode with a vibrancy unmatched in other places.

we love to visit rouen (i had to after reading madame bovary…),

and we like to climb crazy towers to see the views from the top:


on our last day we drove to the normandy coast.

brandt, the good traveler, reads travel guides like novels

and can always map out a route which departs from conventional tourist destinations

and takes us to unique and scenic places on back roads.

early in the day the sky was overcast,

which was perfect as we hiked around an old ruin on some pretty steep terrain.


we stopped for lunch at a place right on the water

just as a windstorm whipped up,

and watched the waves churn and spray wondering if we would get to enjoy

any more time outdoors.

shortly after we finished eating the wind stopped and the sun came out,

allowing us to take in the sights at three more picturesque villages.


i find that when i travel i often need to just s.t.o.p. and take it in,

*be* there and mindful of what i am seeing and why it exists.


(note the “cat” of the porch roof…)

we ended this trip with a week in paris.

paris.   sigh.

 i love paris.



how could anyone not love paris?

there is always something like this happening.

it is so very lovely.


paris is a city of doors,

magical doors opening into entire worlds.

after reading the definitive biography of anais nin

we had to take a train trip to louvciennes,

because that’s how we roll…


let’s just say that it is highly unlikely that we will ever travel with a tour group.

traveling with brandt is enough of a trip for me!!

once back home, photos became more ordinary.

 i realized that this post was way too long to include much more,

so only three remain:


a photoshopped image of the doorknob from my book tribute to the little old (now gone) house on coffman street,


the way that sunlight poured into the upstairs of our old house through the skylight

and briefly illuminated vintage photos of children,


and a squirrely rascal who stole the neighbor’s fall pumpkin and rolled it into the driveway for lunch.


now i’m off to the great outdoors to soak up warmth and sunshine

in the company of a herd of horses and two little donkeys.

thanks for stopping by,

and have yourself a lovely little weekend, will you?


6 Comments leave one →
  1. March 15, 2013 7:05 pm

    You are not surprisingly so very beautiful 🙂 Your travels look delicious – I SO want a ride in that Jaguar, top down!!! oxoxo

    • sassysistersink permalink*
      March 15, 2013 9:12 pm

      thankfully i married a man with wanderlust, a good balance to my stay-at-home nature.
      he has truly spoiled me with travel!
      and yes– the jag was a beautiful beast!

  2. March 16, 2013 12:22 am

    all those colours and the architecture and designs and ALL OF IT!
    because of you i can be an armchair traveler!!

    * love *

    [p.s. happy horsing around in the mud and the muck!]

    • sassysistersink permalink*
      March 16, 2013 1:02 am

      thank you, friend!
      looking at photos i am transported back in time and feel like i am there again. makes me long for some of my favorite places, but i’ll get back to them.
      as for the mud, it seems to have “freeze dried”– it looks like the horses ran through concrete just before it hardened. lovely…

  3. Katie Goldsberry permalink
    March 16, 2013 2:29 am

    I haven’t had the chance to tell you how much I enjoy these new Friday Archives. I just linger over those travel pictures and imagine the day I get to go back again. It must be fun to go back through all of those memories. Happy weekending …

    • sassysistersink permalink*
      March 16, 2013 3:00 pm

      you WILL get back there– it’s part of who you are! looking forward to our “spring fling” in a few weeks!!

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