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friday archives, part 4

March 8, 2013

this week i have managed to edit photos from january through may of 2009.

i haven’t been online a great deal, so i’m a bit behind.

i’m picking up where i left off last time–  in paris.

we didn’t return until january 4, so there are still a few new ones from that trip.

these came from an evening stroll past department store windows

that drew incredible crowds.

everything was animated,

and i did take video footage to share with the grandkids,

but i’ll spare you that.

trust me–

seeing these lit up at night was enchanting!





so fine.

now we go back to our normally scheduled life,

although i’d be hard pressed if asked to define just what that is, exactly…


it includes meeting little snowbirds on winter hikes in estes park,


as well as meeting red-tailed hawks watching pedestrians along the greenway trail.


it means coming across a pair of mallards down at the creek engaged in synchronized sleeping…


followed by synchronized waking.


a stunning late winter morning when the frosty tree branches

stood in contrast to a most interesting lavender sky,


and another winter morning where it seemed as if jack frost had brought a pocketful of diamonds

with which to etch our windowpanes.

a new baby joined the family,

setting a new record for the shortest hospital stay:

7 hours from admission to departure!

(i, with my three c-sections, was never a contender for that title.)


jenny came over the other day for coffee, and we were discussing

how child #3 was the tipping point for both of us–

that semi-crazed realization that we are no longer steering the ship,

so to speak.

in case you think i jest,

click HERE for 11 seconds of hilarity that makes the point abundantly clear!

a few weeks later we bravely ventured out to boulder for an afternoon on pearl street with the family

in the belief that there is safety in numbers.

it’s tricky to get a family photo with little kids,

and in editing these i noticed the aunties clowning around in the background…




ah, yes.

you can see why we do so many things together,

in order to get all that additional “help”…

for spring break we took a trip to california for an art workshop at asilomar,

where during breaks we walked the beach and found beautiful things:




and we always have to spend time at fisherman’s wharf:


a very strange bird is the pelican,


its beak can hold more than its belly can…

and taking a lovely, 3-generation photo where the adults get to don protective eyewear,


…but not the newborn.

and we’re always up for a family portrait,


when we can squeeze in 4 generations along with the family dog!


and especially when we’re all sporting our family tattoos!!!!

we are F A M I L Y !!!!

and that’s what makes it fun.


have a great weekend, friends.

here, we’re bracing for up to a foot of new snow,

march being our heaviest snow month.


mud and horses.


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  1. March 8, 2013 9:25 pm

    all these photos and sentiments are truly wonderful.
    my favourite, of course, would be jack frost’s etchings on your windowpanes.

    • sassysistersink permalink*
      March 8, 2013 9:29 pm

      snicker… they’re probably spider webs or something, but etchings sounds far more romantic, right?!

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