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friday archives, part 3

February 22, 2013

these photos were taken between august 1 and december 31, 2008.

they still fall largely under the umbrella of “event photos”–

either travel or special gatherings.

however, there is evidence of movement towards grabbing the camera

just to capture the beauty of a moment…

or perhaps i should say

just to capture a moment

since these are not exemplars of fine photography.

they do, however, bring back wonderful memories.



we start off with a girl’s day out on a hot august afternoon.

guess whose current favorite flick is the little mermaid?!

here, ‘ariel’ serenades us next to the water.


although i’ve posted this photo before,

the reflection and the colors of our old front door just make me happy.


i may suffer some repercussions for the posting of this one, but

a)  it’s my blog.


b)  when chipotle offers free burritos for coming in on halloween dressed in a burrito-themed

costume (and you will be having margaritas!!) you do it.

(we were the burrito bandito*s.)


eyeball crop.

see a) above.


the view outside our old dining room window.

when my “office” was a cinder block closet conversion i printed this out in a 13 X 19

and hung it on the wall to pretend i had a window.

(it did not open, however…)


oh, look!

visual texture!

ice crystals on a stream in estes park during thanksgiving week.


here accompanied by open water.

the reflections look like glitter spilling over the rocks.


i loved how the fallen aspen leaves looked like coins in a fountain.


ice crystals also formed inside the windows on the back porch.

the flowers in bloom bear testament to the fact that it wasn’t horribly cold–

the glass just chilled sufficiently to grow those feathery creations.


my favorite granddaughter with flowers for her performance in a dance recital.

and yes–  i have one granddaughter…



this looks remarkably like paris, doesn’t it…



ok.  yes.

we did go back to paris for christmas.

sometimes i think i was born at the wrong time.

i’d like to live on the middle floor,

the one with the balcony under the arch and the oval window.


walking in paris in on my list of very favorite things,

especially walking at night when the monochromatic landscape looks just like

the wonderful paris photos of Cartier-Bresson and Doisneau.


a teeny, tiny paris restaurant on the isle de la cite decked out for the holidays, both during the day…


and at night.


the louvre and pyramid at night.


a tiny niche at the shakespeare and company bookstore.


just love this.  period.


love. paris. windows.

inside i spy my traveling companion, brandt (aka henri, whom i refer to as ornri) purchasing delicacies for our christmas feast.

(henri, my good man, also moonlights as pierre the sous chef, jacques the gardener, and antoine the stable hand and horseman.

i love having a staff.


a window capture for tiny dancer addie.


color, anyone?  the color i finally painted my old living room.

a paper store–  someday i may be forbidden to enter any more paper stores.

this is not that day.


bird by the seine.

nice place to be a bird.


it’s all about the details.


isn’t that a gorgeous little building tucked into that space?

you know, the mcdonalds?

and in closing….

five different shots of the eiffel tower.

because nobody can have just one.


the skeletal image.


the holiday lights at evening image.


the fully glittering at night and captured in fireworks mode image.


the man versus nature image.

and finally…

my personal favorite:


the uber-zoom from far across paris on the hill at montmartre at the golden hour image.

have the loveliest of weekends, friends.

see you next week!

5 Comments leave one →
  1. Mary permalink
    February 23, 2013 1:38 pm

    I love your blog and seeing all your wonderful pictures! Feel like I’ reconnected with you dear friend. Love you!

    • sassysistersink permalink*
      February 24, 2013 5:53 am

      love YOU– so much!!
      it makes me so happy that you visit the blog– it is indeed a reconnection!
      now come visit us at home, will you?

  2. February 23, 2013 4:46 pm

    you and me both: born too late.
    i wish to go to paris. someday. so, thank you for taking me there NOW.

    i love that you allow yourself the “rights therein” of authoring and editing a blog!

    sending you much love on this saturday.

    [i fell into and out of sleep with si gaoithe next to me….]


    • sassysistersink permalink*
      February 24, 2013 5:56 am

      going through my photos is a form of armchair travel that i do enjoy!
      you’re welcome to come along any time.
      oh, and si gaoithe wants to know if her photo is working yet.
      she can be a trifle incessant…

  3. February 27, 2013 10:29 pm

    The Little Mermaid was my favorite at that age too. I wore out our VHS copy by the time I was 10. =D And Estes Park! Oh goodness, I love Estes. Haven’t been is so very, very long, but those are some of the best memories of my life.

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