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restoration and thankfulness

November 22, 2012

i have been awol for a bit, not only from this space but from my sparkling and outrageously positive disposition as well.

there has been a spell of trying occurrences and situations, and lo! and behold, i actually let them get the best of me.

fortunately, we have just returned from four glorious days away in estes park, one of our favorite local getaway destinations.

fresh mountain air, the beauty of nature, and four mountain hikes ranging anywhere from 1 ½ to 3 ½ hours

go a long way toward regaining one’s equilibrium and sense of humor.

this is giving everyone i know yet one more reason to be thankful come tomorrow.

(don’t judge.  i do plenty of that for myself.)

here are some snippets of loveliness from the mountains that i brought back to share with you:

i felt a flood of warmth from head to toe when we encountered deer on the trail ahead,

who, after seeing us and perceiving no threat,

put their heads back down to graze.

though they moved when we walked by,

they didn’t go far.

sights like this always stop me–

i guess it’s a respect for lives lived off the land through hard work and determination.

mountain meadows in estes park,

much of it former ranch land now protected by the park service.

i could live here.

surprising little pops of color peeked out in unexpected places.

bridal veil falls was wearing her winter lace petticoats.

so much natural beauty to take in–

meadows, forests, and rocky climbs.


pure and simple.

should you care to spend a few seconds experiencing the bubbling joy of a mountain stream

cascading downhill beneath its blanket of ice, click here.

in other random snippets, here are some recent thoughts in no particular order:

•  let me introduce you to my mind:

one part academia, one part deep thought, one part outdoor horse and nature lover,

one part eternal optimist and believer in all things good,

one part raging cynic and lover of sarcasm,

and one part early (read: innocent) peewee’s playhouse.

it’s a trick living in here with all of this going on.

I’ve come to realize that most of my days are spent bouncing around amongst these various realms

without substantial blocks of time devoted exclusively to any one.

perhaps it’s better this way…  is this a problem?

•  i fear that I am becoming sartorially challenged.

between feeding chores morning and evening,

with a healthy scoop of pen cleaning somewhere in the middle,

i find that my custom made french footwear sits languishing on its rack

while the carhartts and mud boots are in heavy rotation.

i am of two minds about this…  as with so much of my life.

on a different but related note, i am still trying desperately

to acquire an affection for my new “HE” washer and dryer.

for starters, i find it unnerving that they play a jingle when i raise the lid.

appliances need not be musical.  (does anyone know how to turn off that feature?)

it’s also hard to guage the best settings for the type of laundry that i do.

so far there seem to be two settings:

the “normal” ones that result in a hopeless tangle of straps

that somehow have wrapped around larger items an infinitesimal number of times,

or the “not quite clean” results from use of the delicate cycle.

(my first suspicion was aroused when the washer added a tablespoon of water followed by a vigorous spin.)

i pride myself on being more ecological than the average citizen,

but am finding that i actually support the use of greater volumes of water in the pursuit of clean laundry.

today while hanging my clothes to air dry following their vigorous “normal cycle” cleansing

i discovered a disturbingly long piece of synthetic thread (which i also try to avoid)

leading to a fear that some garment or other

is going suffer a wardrobe malfunction the next time i try to put it on.

oh, gosh–  i hope it’s when i put it on rather than after i’ve left for the day…

•  i love my horses (see 1.C above).  i just do.

please know that i tried to upload a horse video four times tonight but it would not go,

despite being the proper size.  thank you, low speed internet.

in a nutshell, it showed a tarp coming loose and flapping about in the wind,

plenty to get an average horse well spooked.

it then panned over to three of the gypsies calmly nosing around on the ground,

hoping that the wind would blow a couple strands of hay from under the tarp their way.

i think they were all wearing ‘no fear’ t-shirts…

• i must write one of the most difficult letters that i have ever written in my life.

although at present unwilling to elaborate further,

i can guarantee with a degree of certainty that no matter what you might suspect

you are almost certainly wrong.

•  i miss reading real books (read: authentic literature).

reading is good for me (and, therefore, others).

in the interest of doing my part toward the pursuit of a better world, i will read more.

in the interest of sharing, I will tell you that I recently found this thought-provoking

in understanding what it costs to pursue one’s passion,

laughed out loud repeatedly reading this,

and found this to be soul and spirit lifting.

while admittedly they are not dickens, flaubert, nor dostoevsky,

(which I have read and wholeheartedly recommend),

they did their part in helping me relax and appreciate how very good my life is.

tomorrow is thanksgiving, without a doubt one of my very favorite holidays for many reasons.

above all, it is cause to stop in our tracks

and identify the many good things that abound in our lives.

please know that i am indeed thankful for you.

may every day be a day of thanksgiving.


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  1. November 22, 2012 7:03 am

    i must say, first: it grieves me when i read that my friends so harshly judge themselves. i thought i was the only one to do that, and i had higher hopes for my friends.
    secondly: i am quite pleased that you found the opportunity to go out-and-about in nature in order to regain some sanity and levity.
    thirdly: i am quite sure that your gypsies DO wear “no fear” t-shirts under their haircoats.
    fourthly: i am so very grateful for you, for your presence in my life.

    • sassysistersink permalink*
      November 23, 2012 4:25 am

      on this day of thanksgiving you are most certainly on the list of what i am grateful for!
      i hope that your day has been rich and deep and that you could carve out some time to spend outdoors and simply be!

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