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we are home

September 25, 2012

after weeks, indeed months in the planning,

we are at home on the farm.

despite stacks of boxes still to be unpacked,

changes and adjustments to be made as we adapt to new surroundings,

and the inevitable fatigue that comes from

too many late nights followed by early mornings,

it is good–  it is very good.

as we stumble out at dawn to feed the animals,

sara and i will often stop, smile, and say to each other,

“we live here.”

it still has a fairy tale quality about it,

a sense that it could all be a dream,

but it is real.

it took a true team of  people to make this happen,

people who gave of themselves,

met unreasonable deadlines,

offered more than we would have asked for,

and who supported us in ways we didn’t even realize we needed.

to each person who in some way carried us on this path,

i say thank you.

we have watched transformations happen,

going from this

to this

with a little of this thrown in between.

(who knew there was tile under part of that carpet?!)

there has been much of this

as progress has been made.

it was one thing getting us out here,

but it truly took getting the animals here,

the inspiration behind this whole adventure,

to make this our home.

that happened last saturday,

and blue boy flew over to wish us well that morning.

then, the arrival of a sight we have come to know and love:

charlie and jan rolling in with a load of horses!

the new babies peeked hesitantly out the door, and then…

they were home!

after a period of settling in,

most of the tribe went to bring the other four over.

fortunately, they all loaded like champs and made the trip a simple one.

i cannot adequately express the feeling that swept over me

as i saw all six of our horses meet one another in this special place.

it was especially exciting to see the two pairs of full siblings

connect as if they belonged together.

which, of course, they do!

that is brothers cormac mac airt and caoinlean on the outside,

and sisters meadbh and si gaoithe in the middle.

it is amazing how similar in disposition the siblings are to one another.

we now have two sassy equine sisters!

smart as a whip, those two.

and the brothers?

sooo sweet and docile in nature,

just like their mama rose.

the reactions were pretty hilarious as our brave beasts discovered

that their new next door neighbors are llamas!!

we had to laugh at how, despite best intentions and much planning,

horses will ultimately do what they like…

even if that means four to a feeder, although every pair has its own.

when everyone had settled in we had cause for celebration on the deck!

thanks, charlie and jan, for being who you are!

we had another guest this weekend.

mike came by to meet the gypsies that he had heard so much about.

(audrey couldn’t make it this time, so she will come on another day.)

first he stopped to say hello to otis and sam,

who were very glad to see him.

then he met the horse herd.

he was pretty smitten.

in fact, he told me that he now understood why we had so many of these and why we would want more!


time for another celebration!

it is fitting that our first two celebrations were with the two families who have been

absolutely instrumental in our ability to call this place home.

thanks, mike and audrey, for entrusting this magical place to our care.

it continues to be a gathering place.

and now, the view from my kitchen window in positively pastoral.

and we’re learning to make time in the morning and the evening for feeding time.

or feeting time, as the case may be!

we’re living the good life–

thanks for sharing it with us!


2 Comments leave one →
  1. September 25, 2012 5:08 am

    ….and a good life it is!!!
    welcome home to all two-legged and four-legged….and the winged blue boy….

    [and, HEY. you have too many horses. you need to give a couple to ME.]

    • sassysistersink permalink*
      September 26, 2012 1:37 am

      thanks, marie!
      tonight the winds blow and thunder rumbles, and it is good indeed to be home!
      and yeah, you really need to see these horses!

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