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September 10, 2012

as we begin to move into our first farm (!!!!)

i thought i’d share some of the fabulous firsts

that we’ve been experiencing.

though the movers don’t officially come until thursday,

this weekend we began taking small loads over

while we all worked to ready last minute details for our transition.

meet the first new chickens that we had to find in a hurry (thank you, kate!!) to keep oreo company:

miss basil

and cutie daisy.

their first chance to free range as a flock.

sara and i decided to have a girl’s night sleepover

to celebrate our new status as farm wives–  har!

first evening heading out for chores.

jill, chrys, and kristi joined us for a toast.

we took a little after-dark tour and

you should have seen the stars!!!!

the constellations were so crisp and clear

that i have an entirely new appreciation for astronomy.

(i think i’m a late bloomer…)

first morning from the kitchen window.

first introduction.

first harsh realization that manners must improve to gain freedom…

first opportunity to be made stupid with joy rolling in cool, damp grass.

first time to study how architectural elements

create amazing shadow play in the evening.

first new feather for my collection from our very own birds.

first fly strip.

gross, i know, but it is a farm and we had the door open a lot.

please note the number of flies it has caught.

yes, zero is correct.

it did, however, manage to catch my ponytail when i walked by.

oh, now that was fun…

first farmwarming gift.


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  1. September 10, 2012 5:09 am

    lovely views and interesting captures! [including the fly strip capturing YOU!! (smile)]

    happy farming!

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