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what i do when i should be packing…

August 16, 2012

i admit it.

i should be packing.

i must get to packing.

the problem is that i fear i’ve reached a mental packing block.

here’s the root of the problem:

i am very aesthetically oriented,

a sensualist.

it is no simple matter for me to open a box and start throwing things into it.

i could manage that with books,

with clothes,

even (kind of) with shoes…

but now i am at the point of taking apart my curated collections,

and that is slow going.

each item that i pick up i turn over in my hands,

remembering where it came from,

who i was with,

what meaning it holds for me.

it is like a non-stop mental journey that carries me to the coast of california,

jets me to paris,

has me studying the different grasses in the pasture down at the barn,

and then just as quickly the lavender fields of provence.

it is exhausting me.

i think that once we relocate to the farm i’m going to have to stay put.


the other day a small package arrived containing a set of macro filters for the nikon,

a 99 cent ebay purchase.

i purposely did NOT open it, knowing my propensity for distraction.

but then reason took over and i realized that this is entirely unfair to the ebay seller,

who relies on my feedback to maintain his or her business.

in order to provide feedback i had to in fact try the filters,

so it was fortunate that a great many curated collections were still available to be photographed.

experimentation is my strong suit.

this is a mixed blessing.

in order to accurately determine the usefulness of these four filters, however,

required me to take a goodly number of photos.

so, of course, i did.

and did.

and did some more.

good news!

i feel that i can say, with confidence, that these macro filters were worth every one of those ninety-nine cents.

now i face a reality check.

give me strength.

i’ve set a goal,

and i need to accomplish it.

if i don’t, i will feel blue.

can’t have that.

so i must set my intent, and give it some teeth.

life is so, so good.

thanks for being here.

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  1. August 18, 2012 1:53 pm

    if you’d send that blue horse to me, then that would be one less thing for you to pack.

    [LOVE the effect of the new lens!]


    • sassysistersink permalink*
      August 18, 2012 3:10 pm

      ha ha!!
      i think you can understand why this packing is a bit of a problem…
      i’m starting to want to hand carry everything over there myself!

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