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true stories and transitions

August 12, 2012

i first moved to longmont in 1975.

i was young, had a three-month old baby, and didn’t know anybody here.

in the first few weeks after our arrival i found myself driving down 3rd avenue,

and it reminded me of my grandparents neighborhood back in new jersey.

i longed to live on this street, to feel rooted in a neighborhood with a history,

even if it wasn’t mine.

for twenty-five years i kept this dream alive.

one day brandt and i were driving home from the grocery store

and decided to drive along 3rd avenue.

the house on the corner at the stop sign was for sale by owner,

and they were having an open house.

we weren’t looking for a house, but this house was perfect.

it was right, and we knew it.

we said yes without worrying about any of the details.

the owners knew a friend who was looking for a home.

she bought our home.

we had a three-step closing on closing day.

the woman we bought the house from is still my friend.

fast forward twelve years.

the idea of considering some land in the country for the horses has been voiced by brandt at lunch.

after lunch sara and i start to drive around to look at what might be available near town.

with one phone call we are directed to a two-dwelling property that we “really should see”.

the owners are at home and it is ok if we want to drive over to take a look at it.

we walk through the gate…  this place is perfect.

it is better than perfect.  it is magical.

after bringing the husbands back to see it we say yes without worrying about any of the details.

sara’s house sells only three days after being listed.

daughter jill is buying our house.

and i’m hoping that the people we are buying our new house from will be friends for years to come.

i can’t explain this phenomenon other than to say that there is a deep knowing involved.

i’ve learned to follow my intuition rather than my logical mind pretty consistently,

and it does not steer me wrong.


today we took several loads of hay over to the new property

and then sat out on the deck with mike and audrey.

we are all getting tired of packing,

and it’s hard for them to leave their home.

audrey asked me if there weren’t things i would miss about my current house.

oh, audrey.  yes.  yes there are.

i will miss the welcoming front porch whose glass reflects so beautifully the brilliant blue sky of fall.

i will miss how cozy it feels in winter, and how beautiful it looked when we had 20 inches of snow just days before christmas a few years ago.

i will miss the blazing sunrises that start winter mornings through the big window upstairs,

and how sunlight pours through the skylights and travels across the room as the sun arches across the sky.

i will miss how the christmas tree merrily twinkles her white lights before the dining room window,

and how the little birds gather together in the bushes outside that window not even realizing that i am inside taking their picture.

it’s hard to leave the bold new paint that i finally got brave enough to have put on the walls just two months ago,

and the gorgeous woodwork only found in older homes with the trim i so painstakingly applied by hand underneath.

oh, i’ll miss this house, all right.

so why am i moving?

because, for so many reasons, i am stepping into a new life,

and audrey, your home is a part of that new life.

just as your home has been a gathering place for your family,

it will be for ours.

already, even before closing and moving in,  it is a project of teamwork.

i love my team, and i count on them.

otis and sam are already a part of the team,

jumping right in to help unload the hay.

i even saw otis eyeing the big rig,

kicking the tires a little bit and checking out the undercarriage.

i think he wants to learn to drive it.

the tradition of love so obviously a part of your home will carry on.

and you’ll never have to worry

about ottie and sam

getting their fair share.

and sometimes, when i’m feeling overwhelmed by this,

i sit down and have a little chat with myself in this.

and when i’m discouraged by this,

i give myself a good talking to in this.

but if i’m losing my enthusiasm from the too-muchness of this,

i switch gears completely and think about the funny, goofy, pretty, and amazing things that life has to offer:

even if they aren’t mine to keep.

i’m beginning to let go just a bit of what i have loved so well

in order to step into something new to love.

and tonight, when i took the dogs for a walk through the park that has been my favorite

for all the years that i have lived in this town,

through a light shower that, when looking against the sun, made the air look like glitter,

 i looked back and saw a double rainbow arching over the neighborhood school that i began my career at over twenty years ago.

that rainbow told me that everything IS  just fine.

for you and me both.

4 Comments leave one →
  1. August 12, 2012 1:39 pm

    yes. everything IS just fine.

    • sassysistersink permalink*
      August 13, 2012 12:50 am

      you are absolutely correct, and i have amended my wording!

  2. audrey mayer permalink
    August 14, 2012 3:18 pm

    Your words tug at my heart but also calm me as I know warm and wonderful people will take over where we’ve been for so long ……you have chosen the right place ………. we both know that.

    • sassysistersink permalink*
      August 14, 2012 8:17 pm

      We sure do…
      And you are the best!

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