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baby love

July 26, 2012

i am home from california and have hundreds of photos i’d love to post on this blog.

that said, we went up to visit the baby horses this week and i’m bumping the vacation photos

to share these new shots in a timely fashion.

because OH. MY. GOSH!!

i fell in love with these little ones all over again!

they are growing and changing so quickly,

and we went up on day 4 of their freedom to run with the brood mare herd.

all day long they are free to wander,

and their tentative first steps at independence are entertaining, to say the least!

my favorite part is that in spite of being free,

meadbh and cormac choose human interaction consistently.

they were never far from us,

taking turns receiving attention and LOTS of good scratches.

oh, do they love that.

it’s hard to believe that this little colt is not yet three months old.

standing next to mama rose you can see how big he is.

he’s a handsome little man, yes?

cormac found it funny to sneak up behind me  when i was paying too much attention to meadbh.  ha ha.

i loved having them both so close.

remember how meadbh was coal black and white at birth?

she has already shown us her true colors:  she’s a beautiful blue and white filly!

when they weren’t vying for physical attention they were busy providing entertainment.

here they are playing games in the feed tub.

cormac, although slower to shed his wavy, sable colored baby fur,

is turning black as you can see from behind.

hard to believe he’s two weeks younger than his sister, right?

here they get ready for another game…

which turned into a fun little version of “tug-o-tub”!

of course, there were still check-ins with mamas…

as well as some sibling grooming sessions.

but if you walk away and then turn around,

this is what you see:

it’s actually hard to get a picture of  them without someone else providing a distraction,

because they just love to be near you!

and we just love that.

and the best part????

when these little darlings are fully weaned, they will be coming to live with us


we have purchased five acres outside of town for our little (growing) herd to call home.

because who wouldn’t want THIS to greet them outside the back door every morning, right??!!

now, i believe someone mentioned something about gypsy horse tattoos…

perhaps it’s time to google some images.

life is so, so good.

thanks for being here.

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  1. audrey mayer permalink
    August 2, 2012 2:26 am

    and these sweet little guys will be living with our sweet little guys! It is indeed a beautiful world – but only because of our animals !

    • sassysistersink permalink*
      August 2, 2012 2:40 am

      Hi Audrey! Yes, all these sweet little guys will become one big, happy family! I am so very happy about that! But I must say that you and Mike have made our world much more beautiful, and I think of that every time I look at the photos of little Ottie and Sam. Thank you!

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