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humans are weird, and driving me crazy: part three

June 4, 2012

our humans are real big on the idea of groundwork.

they are of the belief that not only does it make us safer to handle,

it also gives them the upper hand an advantage teaching us new things

before we are put under saddle.

even the big boys are groundworked.

i personally think that groundwork sessions

fall on days when the humans are too lazy to saddle up and ride.

perhaps not all would agree.

i digress.

on this particular day the h.’s thought some lunging would get us

nicely warmed up and in the mood for something more challenging.

i don’t mind lunging, per se,

although i don’t really see the point in cantering excessively

on the end of the line.

i played along.

i was feeling kind of special since i got to wear the new surcingle–

just barely, as it was hitched up to the last set of holes.

i must say, i am attractive.

then we got to practice some bending exercises,

and can i just tell you that my baby sister can already do this trick!!

i think she and i are from the gifted branch of the family tree.

the gifted always have praise heaped on them.

correction:  those who do what they are asked to do

have praise heaped on them.  the editor

then it got really exciting!

they got these things called long lines,

which they attached to the lunging cavesson and then ran through

the surcingle in an attempt to confuse me 

so that they could direct me from behind.

one of them walked with me in case i needed a little encouragement or redirection.

pshhh.  please note that she is ‘hands-free’.

then they changed places and we continued to rehearse this little gig.

they called it “driving”.

i hate to admit this, but i really liked it.

but i told them they were ‘driving me crazy’…

then it was caoinlean’s turn.

he was real cute on the lunge line.

hmmm.  only one photo of the little guy.

well, that’s because he wasn’t quite big enough for the surcingle yet,

so they couldn’t introduce him to driving.

(hee hee hee.

i guess i’m more buxom than my brother.)

then sunny got a turn.

he did amazingly well.

he can go forwards and backwards.

good boy, sunny.

then tir finally got his turn.

he had been waiting and watching for so long that he had gotten dusty.

when mom leaned on him to fasten the surcingle

this is what she left behind!

tir was not really sure that this was fun,

but he chose to cooperate.

although afterwards he was glad it was over…

dramatic, isn’t he?

truth be told, after we do good work

we are treated very well.

our weird humans are actually very thoughtful and caring.

we got a nice full-body massage and

time to play out in the grass.

life is good.

au revoir.


you might be sad that my series is ending so i’m throwing in

a few photos of me being driven through (low-budget) obstacles.

i am a natural.


since i’m on a roll and all,

i’ll just add a few darling little photos

from the h.’s most recent trip up to the irish rose farm

where they went to see my little sister and caoinlean’s little brother.

they had a play date together and got plumb tuckered out.

hey!  do you see what he is doing to my sister????

i think he should get a time out for that little antic.

she’s tolerant, though.

like me.

anyway, all together now:



one more thing.

if you’d like me to have any further opportunities to guest-post on this blog,

please let the weird humans know.

i have some pretty exciting news up my feathers…

xoxo  si gaoithe

3 Comments leave one →
  1. pencilfox permalink
    June 4, 2012 5:22 am

    yes: those humans are weird.
    so: i shall repeat my offer. head north, taking a sharp L to alaska. i shall be waiting for you.
    and i promise you this: no weird antics.

    yes, please: more guest postings!!!!
    love what you horsies and ponies have to say….!!


    • sassysistersink permalink*
      June 4, 2012 7:11 pm

      dear pencilfox,
      thank you for your keen discernment regarding my voice on this blog.
      i’m glad that you appreciate my point of view.
      you may be the only one, but that’s enough encouragement for me.
      did you know we have foxes in our neighborhood?
      we do, but they have no pencils.
      your friend,
      si gaoithe

      • June 6, 2012 8:18 am

        oh HAHha, si gaoithe!
        most foxes don’t carry pencils. unless they attend fox school. which is something like horse and pony school. if the humans come at you with pencils, run like crazy: they’ll probably want you doing their taxes or writing their ledgers for them….

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