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humans are weird, the tinsel edition: part two

May 28, 2012

continuing on with my story of weird humans,

i must confess to a slight angst over the demise of the mylar balloons.

actually, ‘departure’ would be more accurate.

being helium-filled, they were inclined toward flight mode.

one by one they made their escape during our desensitization training.

that is actually when my sensitivity kicked in.

i miss those mirrored beauties.

plus i am extremely concerned about the potential environmental impact.

the good news is that our humans also decided to spring for mylar garland,

and suddenly we felt like we were in tinseltown!

they started out slowly with sunny,

but after the balloons this was a piece of cake.

(actually, cake would have been a good idea…)

in fact, he turned up his nose at this training challenge.

caoinlean couldn’t believe they were serious…

and then it got worse.

i’ll let you read the expression on tireachan’s face for yourself.

me?  i LOVE this stuff!

can i have this up around my stall with twinkle lights?

i skipped right past the ‘intro to tinsel’ lesson

and went straight to the limbo.

caoinlean also had no problem.

he felt so smug about it that he even tried it with his eyes closed.

they had to raise the bar for tall tir.

then it was sunny’s turn.

he displayed the slightest bit of hesitation.

with a bit of encouragement he was convinced to proceed.

and then…

he bolted through like a locomotive!

had sassy sara not been fleet of foot

she’d have been sporting hoofprint tattoos.

i laughed til i cried!

they gave him a few more tries until he got more comfortable with it.

personally, i don’t think he’s going to make it as a parade mount.

and i think he’s ok with that.

oh.  also, there were balls.

sunny is actually a champ at balls,

and will play kickball  with the weird humans.

caoinlean, however,

still displays some discomfort at the mere mention of balls.

he says it’s a guy thing.


as you can see,

this is all exhausting work for the big boys.

it scares me to think of growing old.

now, don’t be fooled into thinking that all of our training takes place

within the safe confines of the arena.

sometimes they sneak desensitization training into a nice sunday afternoon walk.

water can be a little scary.

even i will admit that.

however, once i came to the realization that those reflective patches of sky and clouds

did not mean that the sky was falling,

i was ready for a little snack.

my good nature was taken advantage of a few minutes later

when i was asked to jump the stream.


caoinlean, too.


now.  some of you readers are human,

and you’re probably thinking that none of this is weird, exactly.


well, look what they picked up for old sunny boy because the flies bother his ears in the turnout:

first they tried it on him to see if it fit and if he would like it.

yeah, over the halter in case he went ape or something.

but he didn’t.

he liked it.

go figure.

ooh.  copper mesh and cheetah fur.

rowr, big brother!

then, guess what?

somebody else decided he needed to try it.

holy smokes.

did someone say easter bunny?

weird or not weird?

i rest my case.

4 Comments leave one →
  1. pencilfox permalink
    May 29, 2012 1:51 am

    ….sigh….the things those humans put you sweet horses and ponies through….
    if you need escape, come to alaska: i’ll just love you to the point that you’ll have no fears.
    i’ll just say this and then i’ll stop: look back at how the humans are GRINNING with every new trial and test they put you through. just sayin’….

    • sassysistersink permalink*
      May 29, 2012 2:59 am

      these are good points you make.
      very good points.
      i’ll contemplate these.
      how far is it to alaska?

  2. Kristi permalink
    May 29, 2012 6:12 am

    I laughed again when I got home. Maybe not quite as hard, but then again I wasn’t reading aloud to an audience (and with someone snorting in my ear)!

    • sassysistersink permalink*
      May 29, 2012 3:44 pm

      good times!!
      we need to do that again.

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