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humans are weird, albeit interesting at times: part one

May 23, 2012

our humans are weird.

fun, but weird.

sometimes they show up with equipment.

by equipment, i mean all manner of things

intended to desensitize us, thereby making us more reliable.

we would be insulted by this if it were not for the fact

that these games have proven interesting and fun.

let me give you an example.


heavy plywood.

this is placed on the ground with the intention

of having us walk over it.



can you just see the wild terror in caoinlean’s eyes?

right.  me, either.

my turn.


jeepers.  i’m feeling more reliable by the minute,

although i fear my IQ might be dropping…


the big boys got ridden over the “obstacle”,

but as you can see we’re all on the same page with

the degree of difficulty involved here.


good thing they used the heavy stuff.

tir’s a big ‘un.

our sweet humans jokingly referred to this as…

wait for it…

the board of education.

spare me.

when they went home we all snickered about being

bored of education.


now, one thing our humans are not is quitters.

they keep coming up with new ideas that they

can’t wait to expose us to.

in case it isn’t obvious, these folks are not high rollers

when it comes to equipment expenditure.

they devised a set of cavaletti

using cinder blocks and fence poles.

when we scoffed at that they decided to up the ante

by adding ground tarps.




that sunny’s a scream, isn’t he?


tir was obviously shaken by the additional pole on top, right?


this is caoinlean accessing his eeyore complex.

pick up the foot, little brother.


my turn.


(btw, please don’t laugh at how we are dressed.

despite the summer wear on our humans on this fine day,

these photos were actually taken earlier this spring.

we were still wearing most of our winter wardrobe…)


so here’s where it gets exciting.

balloons, people!

brightly colored mylar balloons!

when they showed up at the barn with these beauties

the first question people asked was,

“whose birthday is it now?”

on account of all of our recent birthday celebrations.

(and what is wrong with that, i ask you?)

anyway…  har, har, folks.

because even though these are training aids,

i do have a brand new sister

and caoinlean has a brand new brother,

so it actually is a celebration!


caoin was curious, yet cautious.



tireachan?  intrigued.



sunny nearly wet himself.



although at the end of the day

he got the “most improved player” award.

and me?


i love balloons!

especially since i can see myself in them!

how cool is that?


can i have all of them?

well, my “senior guardian” says my time is up for this post.

but please come back next time,

when i take you to tinseltown!

i told you…

they never quit.


from sassy, reliable si gaoithe


 (the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.)

2 Comments leave one →
  1. May 24, 2012 1:32 am

    of COURSE you are reliable: one can see it in your eyes and your steady walk!
    sometimes one just has to tolerate humans and patronize them, you know??
    and yes: i wondered too about the balloons….a celebration?….of course!


    • sassysistersink permalink*
      May 24, 2012 2:16 am

      thank you for understanding, pencilfox.
      if you come, bring balloons and we’ll have a celebration.
      xx si gaoithe

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