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March 19, 2012

this year the good folks from parnell’s irish cobs invited us once again

to join them for the st. patrick’s day parade in fort collins.

we were honored, so of course we said yes!

this was especially exciting for us,

as caionlean and si gaoithe’s daddy, leannan,

was to make his parade debut pulling the gypsy flat cart.

although leannan has been driven for a while,

he had not yet pulled a cart in a parade.

we arrived in time to watch him be groomed and harnessed.


there was a lot of activity going on and a LOT of noise,

but this guy handled it like a pro!

he didn’t even flinch when a couple of (unsupervised) children with balloons

rode their bikes right up to him.

once the cart was attached there was still a lot of waiting to be done.


geir, who helps charlie with his driving horses,

convinced lee that waiting patiently was no big deal.


charlie and geir made final adjustments to everything

and then just walked him in quiet circles.


every once in a while leannan would call out to see if any of his pals were around.


let me tell you, this boy has a mighty beautiful whinny!

(i’m proud to say that his daughter has inherited this quality, although she is a soprano.)

i’d love to show you lots a actual parade shots,

but my job on this gig was to get video.

so i only have a couple of stills.


i think charlie has perma-grin!

it’s pretty difficult to get a photo without him smiling!

fortunately, i was able to get one of leannan smiling, too.


let me just say that at this point in the parade, the route was wide open.

once we turned the corner, the crowds closed in.

tiny tots lined both sides of the street with hands full of balloons

and bags open to catch parade loot.

it was claustrophobic and a wee bit intimidating,

with balloons popping, loudspeakers, people tossing candy and other items

through the air to waving hands.

and through it all?

leannan was a champ!

not once did this horse lose his cool.

 a seven year old stallion thick in the middle of his first parade,

and he just did what he was told to do.

at the end of the parade lee got unhitched,

enjoyed a cool drink of water and a rubdown,

and, with the promise of a liniment rub at home, hopped in the trailer.Image

had our day ended here I would have called it a good one.

bit it didn’t!

after the parade we all headed up to the irish rose farm to visit the herd.

lee’s been busy at home, too.

in 2012 there are three blessed events to anticipate!

cahir has a foal due in about four weeks,

which will be a full brother or sister to si gaoithe.


a couple of weeks after that, rose is due.

this will be a full brother or sister to caoinlean.


it’s no secret that i am smitten with rose.

she has a fairy tale quality that convinces one that underneath all that HAIR

there must be a unicorn horn!

when we first arrived rose went over to the fence to lay down and take a little break.


she makes you want to sit down in the dirt next to her and just pet her.


(and no, i didn’t.)

we spent time petting the rest of the broodmares and then

one of them went over to rose and told her to get up.


poor tired girl!

somehow i missed getting a photo of lisdoonvarna

who is the third mare expecting a foal,

but not until october.

however, i do happen to have one of her from last year’s

st. patrick’s day parade when she pulled the flat cart.


nuala was the one who wanted the attention yesterday.

she followed us everywhere, and has such a gentle presence.


nuala is also the one who was most interested in the farm’s newest additions:

lurchers fintan and brann!

they had only been introduced to the horses one day earlier,

but it’s easy to see that it’s all one big, happy family! Image

because of our own dogs and horses at home,

we finally dragged ourselves away from the farm.

thanks, charlie and jan, for another glorious day.

after watching leannan’s performance in the parade

i am so grateful that he is the sire of our two little ones!


we told them all about our day with their parents

and caught them up on all the details.

oh, yes–  look who was sporting some new st. patrick’s day finery!



and as the sun sets on another beautiful day, this we know:

life is good.

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  1. March 19, 2012 1:47 am

    life truly IS good….especially with horses….!

    [great post!]

    • sassysistersink permalink*
      March 19, 2012 1:54 am

      so true.
      and these horses have an almost magical quality about them.
      underneath all that hair, i mean!

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