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baby, it’s cold outside…

December 19, 2011

we’ve had a spell of very cold weather, down to -11 degrees one frosty morning.

the ground is still half covered with a crust of thawed and refrozen snow and ice,

and navigating shady sidewalks remains treacherous business.

extreme cold twangs my heartstrings when I think of the creatures that live outdoors.

we maintain bird feeders year-round, and they are regular gathering places for the

birds that winter over in our region.

when not jockeying for position at the feeders, they sit in huddled masses in the

bushes outside the dining room window.  i love to be so close to them.

driving to the barn last week we passed a frightened mule deer bounding through the golf course, lured no doubt by the promise of green grass beneath the snow.

the horses are handling the cold well.  the gypsies, with all their fur and feathers, are well protected in their polar fleece, and sunny has an insulated blanket to supplement his shorter winter coat.

we know it’s cold when we turn them out for an hour or so and they come right to us when it’s time to go back in.  they remind me of chilly kids at recess just hoping that the bell is going to ring.

there is no question, though, that winter holds an austere beauty all its own.

it surrounds us, and i find myself pulling off the gloves and pulling out the camera more often than is truly comfortable.

like when i walk across the barnyard and the notice the ice crystals beginning to form again in the mud puddles as the sun dips low.

or rolling down the car window as we pass a frozen waterfall on the way home from winter park.

our trip to blue ribbon farm for the christmas tree was rather quick and purposeful—

one wreath and one charlie brown tree and off we went!

it’s far more pleasant to sit inside and capture the beauty through double panes of glass.

it’s pure magic to watch colors streak across the sky heralding daybreak’s arrival.

and on the most dreary gray days it’s so lovely to enjoy a pop of summer color brought in before the frost to winter over on a sunny shelf.

we’ve lots more winter ahead.  forecast for tomorrow is a high of 30 with snow.  it’s a wonderful opportunity to bundle up, put on the tea kettle, and settle in with a good book.

ahhh, winter!

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  1. permalink
    December 19, 2011 3:02 am

    how beautiful….!
    i love winter, and it appears that you enjoy it, also!

    • sassysistersink permalink*
      December 19, 2011 4:17 am

      absolutely, marie!
      every time it snows i think of you!

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