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October 10, 2011

So, here they are.  The long-awaited photos of the ‘re-model’ of my new digs.  We moved over labor day weekend, after 2 and 1/2 weeks of SERIOUS painting.  Every surface in every room. Oh, by the way, did I mention that this was right when school started?  And that after we moved, we didn’t have a bathroom for 3 weeks??  Ok, we had a toilet and a sink, but no shower.

Anyway, we have had knob and tube wiring replaced, plumbing issues corrected, laid new flooring, gutted and reinstalled a bathroom (including a first time tiling experience,) re-built an exterior wall in the kitchen, caulked windows (wish I had a close-up of the before on the windows–let me tell you that we were down to BARE wood on every window frame,) installed baseboard, replaced the sink and countertop in the kitchen, I’m sure I’m missing a few things, and it’s not yet finished.  With the cold weather fast approaching, insulating the attic is next on my to do list. But, to give you an idea of the work completed thus far:

Before & After


More kitchen–don’t you just love the new blue?!  Oh yes, it really is that bright and obnoxious!

Bedroom–yes, even the ceiling was gray before…

Living room

Other side  of the living room

Bathroom–the tub and tile were completely rotting away from the wall in the before.  I’ll try to get a better pic of the after so you can see my, ahem, amazing tile work…  Ok, ok.  No one will want to hire me… yet.

There is certainly more to this story, but this is where the bulk of the work has occurred.  I love my house, even more so since I am doing so much of the work.  Come spring, it’ll be time for an exterior  painting party–who’s in?!!

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