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let’s get visual…

September 10, 2011

so, in the last post i mentioned the remarkable transformation of an old house into a home, sweet home.

 this transformation involved many, many trips to the home improvement center.

i went along for some of them.

you know, as company and at times a second opinion.

except that i have a hidden weakness for home improvement centers,

and when certain loved ones are engrossed in the selection of bathroom tile

i can quite suddenly be swept away by the sheer possibility of the endless art materials

lining the shelves, or in this case, one of those

display racks set up right in the aisle to complicate the navigation of

lumber-laden carts through the store.

seriously, look at these:

do they not scream “journal covers” to you?

i know, right?

i just had to have one two of them.

yesterday i decided to figure out just how this journal would be constructed.

since one of these was to be the front and the other the back,

i measured out the dimensions for a sheet that could be folded in half to create signatures

to be bound together.

i cut a piece of red resin paper (another home improvement store treasure) for a template

and taped it to the floor.

then i raided my considerable stash of items that will someday prove useful

and waited for the perfect idea to present itself.

between my paper stash

and my junk store finds,

i came up with a plan.

i would use pages from vintage ledgers,

spaced with stronger sheets of newer art paper,

to create pages the size i needed.

then i secured them with decorative masking tape,

thinking that would provide extra stability on those fragile pages.*

when a page was fully assembled i folded it in half and

started creating a stack for the journal.

sometime during the day i took inspiration from the ever-joyful maddie

of the persisting stars blog and made myself a smoothie, which was a VERY GOOD IDEA.

i managed to create five of these pages before deciding to call it a night.

i awoke this morning to the brilliant idea of running a zigzag stitch down these tape lines

on the sewing machine for added strength.

but first, i had some other pages from old photo experiments that were begging

to be added to the journal.

these are sheets of photographs printed on vellum with transparencies of

people from vintage photos adhered to the back.

you don’t really see the people in the pictures until

you hold them up to the light.

i put them together the same way i had assembled the others,

then dragged out the sewing machine and got started.

and guess what.

* the masking tape that i had used to provide strength?

operative word was “decorative”.

not functional.

it looked lovely, but was not so very adhesive.

when i started to put the photo page through the sewing machine the whole thing

f. e. l. l.    a. p. a. r. t.

people, i was not a good sport about this.

so i took a little break, and tried again.

the journal now contains glue.

but i managed.

and i finished the stitching, a little at a time.

first one side,

then the other.

and the page was complete.

whew.  next i’ll figure out how to assemble all of these parts into book form.

there’s just one thing missing…



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  1. September 11, 2011 3:33 pm

    Hi Janet,

    You were not kidding – you can figure out a way to include your four-legged children in just about any blog post! Still laughing! Charlie

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