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back in the saddle(s) again

September 3, 2011


for all those wondering, yes i did in fact make it home from my travels.

all 27 days of them.

i was so looking forward to getting back into a relaxing summer routine.

you know, reading on the deck, sitting poolside sipping drinks with umbrellas, sleeping in.


then i remembered who i am.

the person whose vocabulary got the word “relax” deleted long ago.

same person who has read nearly every book published on voluntary simplicity.

and who finally took them all to the used book store.

my life is not simple.

i guess i don’t want it to be.

the minute things slow down a bit i jump into something new.

i didn’t even come straight home the day we got back.

i went to the barn and inhaled the scent of warm horses and alfalfa.

i stroked velvety muzzles in the dark and promised to return the next day.

and then i was home.

just like that i went from walks along the seine to rides along the creek and around the ponds.

back in the saddle again.

and it felt good.

although sometimes, in order to get the best shots, it’s easier not to be in the saddle:

it warms a mother’s heart to see her tall girls in the saddle…

and, should it be early morning whilst the horses are breakfasting, there are other saddles available:

just throw breakfast in the basket and go!

and for those too young yet for any saddle, there are other options:

these little tots were more than happy to take a walk around golden ponds

as long as there was the promise of a grazing break somewhere along the way.

so, despite the fact that i’m pretty sure yesterday was july

and i somehow woke up this morning to find it september,

i’m back.

with lots and lots of words and photos.

i’ve got blog ideas about art, mornings, old town community living.

and for you folks up at the irish rose farm, you know me well enough to know that i can find a way

to sneak a horse photo into a blog post on almost any topic.

therefore, since i occasionally need a little feedback to stay motivated,

let me know what you’d like to see.

because i like to hear from you, too.

life is good.

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  1. September 4, 2011 1:35 am

    Welcome home, Jan! We enjoyed your pictures from France almost as much as the pictures of the horses in your “back yard” – LOL! The tall girls look great in the saddle – did they manage to get Tireachan over the bridge yet, or do they still have to ford the river? The cooler weather today reminded me that your Gypsies will soon be putting on their winter coats and mustaches – don’t be surprised by your little “wooly mammoths” this winter – they won’t need any blankets! All the best, Charlie

    • sassysistersink permalink*
      September 4, 2011 2:08 am

      Hi Charlie! We’ve been lax in working on the bridge with Tir, but the little ones had no hesitation when we crossed over the other day! We have agreed that we’ll work with him again soon, because he’s soooo close to doing it. And I figured that if we’re having “snow in summer” as these guys shed out their short summer coats that the long hair can’t be far behind. We do love them so!

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