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a good day

June 13, 2011

friday was a good day.

we decided to try something new with the little ones.

 they are doing so well trotting and cantering on the lunge line

and playing the Parelli games

that we wanted to treat them to something special

that we would all enjoy.

so, after putting the big boys out in the lush turnout pen

and fluffing the littles,

we headed out east along the st. vrain trail.

we were a little concerned about the first underpass,

since it follows the creek under the four lanes of traffic on hover road,

but quin and si gaoithe were not concerned at all.

coming out of the tunnel, we left the trail and followed the path along the water,

hoping to sit on a bench and let the little ones graze.

it was absolutely lovely there,

but the mosquitos had beat us to it.

after snapping a couple of photos we were forced to beat a hasty retreat.

we wound our way back up to the trail and headed through roger’s grove.

we had the horses off of the main trail on each side,

and bikes came whizzing between us unexpectedly.

scared sara good, but not the horses.

it was time for a grass break.

this is sara trying to get the two-horse team lined up.

good work.

it was such a nice day that we opted to walk around fairgrounds lake.

we were having so much fun

we felt a little sorry for people with only dogs and baby strollers.

we rounded the lake and headed back towards the underpass.

lush lawn stood between us,

and we were powerless to resist.

quin and si gaoithe considered it their duty as citizens

to help keep public property well manicured.

they were very precise in their execution of duty.

looking back, it was an afternoon perfectly spent.

these little guys are nearly bomb-proof,

they are so stable in temperament.

and, we never even needed a plastic bag,

 at least, not until the moment we put them back in their stall…

NOT IT!!!!

i grinned as sara went to get the shovel.

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