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there is fungus amongus

June 11, 2011

i believe i may have mentioned that this has been a rainy spring…

while that has its downside,

it also has an equal and opposite upside.

things are lush in these parts,

lush and green.

oh, yes, and brown as well.

because dead tree stumps have found new life in,

of all things,


recent walks in the area have indicated that this life form is thriving,

providing me with plenty of opportunity to exercise the camera feature on my iPhone.

which, btw, has a zoom feature i didn’t even know about.  duh.

here are some of the beauties(?) we’ve come across lately:

they are rather lovely and artful in form, aren’t they?

rather like a land bound version of a graceful sea creature.

and there’s this last one, which i feel i may have gotten in the nick of time,

as it appears poised to take flight:

in parting, here is a photo of another winged fun guy floating on one of the ponds when we were out riding.

bet you wish i had discovered the zoom feature before i took this shot, huh?

don’t worry…

in the words of a dear friend of mine, click to embiggen.

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