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spa day at the barn

June 2, 2011

today was spa day.

it was a celebration of summer.

after luxuriating in mud baths over the past few weeks,

the horses were ready for a fresh start.

randy met us at the barn to begin a series of pedicures.

tir went first.

always a well-behaved gentleman.

next up was sunny.

after working with the gypsies, it’s amazing how easy it is to work on sunny’s feet.

that’s because it’s so easy to find sunny’s feet.

quin was next in line.

his favorite part of the experience was its proximity to the hay storage.

finally, after much whinnying from her stall, it was si gaoithe’s turn.

she pranced right out like the star of the show.

she fussed a little bit when we told her she couldn’t get nail polish to match her halter,

but she got over it quickly.

then it was time for the herbal treatment remedy.

a brand-new turnout pen, the only one that hasn’t been mowed since the rains came.

tir was the first to step foot into it.

then his nose disappeared, swallowed up by greenery.

sunny was not impressed by the stunning view of long’s peak directly behind him.

quin was the smart one who chose the knee-deep grass to munch on.

while si gaoithe preferred to surround herself with blossoms.

each of them was treated to a full body massage and coiffure while they dined.

we noticed tell-tale grass stains on the big boys indicating that they had also treated themselves

to rolling therapy when we weren’t looking.

i’ll bet that really felt good…

then it was back to clean pens, freshly swept stalls,

and a deep drink of fresh rocky mountain spring water.

close, anyway.

when we turned back to look at them in their stalls as we left,

 they were smiling.

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  1. wingedpaths permalink
    July 15, 2011 6:43 pm

    I love reading about your horses. Their personalities are so fun. =)

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