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walkin’ on sunshine

May 13, 2011

this is what greeted us this morning:


here along the front range of colorado, we delight in seeing this fiery orb about 300 days per year. being a landlocked state almost squarely in the middle of this vast continent, our moisture must travel from one of the coasts, primarily the west coast, before finding its way here.  most of that moisture is lost along the way, and what does make it to colorado is generally snagged by the jagged peaks of the rocky mountains before making it to the eastern side of the state. therefore, our overall climate is classified as semi arid.  which is why the constant, unremitting rain of the past two days made me feel as if i had somehow been whisked away and deposited somewhere in the pacific northwest.

don’t get me wrong.  it was a lovely, pleasant, soaking rain that we desperately needed.  the local flora and fauna have benefited enormously already, positively glowing in today’s sunbeams.  what yesterday looked like this:

today looks like this:

(btw, that is our neighbor’s garden, and much of what is grown there finds its way to our table.  have i mentioned how much we love our neighbors?  we have our very own neighborhood csa.)

anyway, due to the aforementioned unremitting rain, we never made it out to the barn on tuesday, so yesterday afternoon we knew that we had to at least check in.  we timed it just about right, as the last of the sprinkles fell from the sky.  driving down the lane, we knew that we had our work cut out for us:

the horses HAD to get out of their pens, so we decided to put them in a new turn out that we had never used before.  since it has no hot wire but does have a single strand of barbed wire along the top, we were waiting for a time that we could stay there to watch them while they were out.  we also wanted to limit that time because the grass was so lush and ungrazed that a little would go a long way.

seemed like the right time had come.  and OH BOY did those horses feel the effects of 48 hours of confinement!  those prancy dancers couldn’t wait to be released, and when they were??  there was much galloping, bucking, kicking, and snorting from both ends as they thundered their way up and down this new real estate!  the earth moved, i tell you!  it was a little bit frightening to watch all four head toward a fence, but they are smart little beasties and never misjudged the fenceline. we had a little work to attend to, and as soon as we walked away the cavorting stopped and serious grazing commenced.

now, let’s be honest here.  some of you have been romanticizing this horse ownership gig, and a number of you are planning a visit out to meet the herd.  lovely!  may i suggest that this would be a MARVELOUS time to do so?  pull on a pair of hip waders and come on out to our horsie spa!

currently the arena is in service as a reflecting pool.  it confirmed our suspicions that the storm was breaking up and that better weather was on its way:

first order of business was to sweep out the stalls which all four had obviously used to find shelter from the rain.  i really love the rubber matting on the floors.  not only is it very good for their feet and legs, but it’s easy to clean and maintain.  this became especially important given how much they had gone in and out during this storm or, truth be told, stayed in and not gone out as much as we would have liked…

it cleaned up very well.

the same could not be said for the runs:

although it will only take a day or two of sunshine for these to completely dry out, let’s just say that the horses hooves are strong yet supple as a result of their mudicures.

once we had accomplished as much as we could in the barn it was time to turn our attention to the horses.  boy, that was fun.  catching one was the first challenge.  30 minutes of freedom wasn’t quite enough in their minds.  we managed to catch si gaoithe and give her a quick going over with the brushes.

this is why we wish you were here…

upon depositing her back in her pen she looked at us as if to ask whether next time we might bring floaties or other pool toys…

(love, love, love her intelligent, dark eyes.)

eventually we got the others rounded up and brushed as well.

 actually, it wasn’t really all that bad.  their feathers may not be fluffy right now, but they sure combed out nicely and my guess is that when they dry they will look cleaner than they did before.

because i am an optimist.

quin is especially cute because his hair gets curly when he’s wet.  all together now:  awwww.

we hung out with them in the barn for a few minutes because they were being so very social.  all four noses kept pushing against the stall bars for one last neck scratch or muzzle rub.

oh my, we love them.

and as we drove away, coated in mud, we looked at each other and laughingly said…

“that was kind of fun!”

but i’m ok with getting back to the semi arid climate.

life is good.

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  1. May 13, 2011 7:07 pm

    I cannot CANNOT get over the feathers, manes and tails of these new beauties of yours!!! And……rain rain rain here in the first part of the week — but there’s sunshine lighting up my world here today. I love spring.

  2. wingedpaths permalink
    July 15, 2011 6:40 pm

    Eastern Washington is also very dry, although everyone expects it to be just as wet as Seattle. But this year we’ve had an unusual amount of rain–almost no sunshine for 4 months, and it drove me a little crazy. But it also brought unexpected wonders: an abundance of wildflowers, yellow-headed blackbirds, ducks the color of red hot cinnamon swimming in fields that are usually high and dry by April. I’m actually sort of hoping for another wet spring next year.

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