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be. still. my. heart. the chorus.

May 6, 2011

meet si gaoithe (she-gwee).

in gaelic, her name means fairy wind, and this little breeze blew into our barn and into our hearts just before noon today.

to quote charlie, “We knew we did the right thing within a minute of getting out of the truck – while waiting for Janet to take Sunny back to the turnout (where Tir and Quin were grazing the little nubs of new grass), a little dust devil (aka, a “fairy wind”) started in the arena next to us and quickly moved across it and into the trees!!!!  How cool is that????”

i guess it’s no secret that this trailer and its various occupants have become a familiar and eagerly anticipated sight  around these parts.  today marked the third delivery in as many months, and as jan remarked, it’s like christmas every time!  (when i shared that with the girls later on, they asked what they were getting for june….  ha ha, girls.  good one.)

charlie has been affectionately referring to our three boys as the batchelor band, a rather fitting description, i’d say.  well folks, the band got a new lead singer today, and this one is all girl!

the boys were in a turn-out pen, so we took si gaoithe over for a meet and greet.  sunny was the first one to come to the gate, and i think he was smitten at first glance.  the other two finally realized that something big was going on so they joined in the excitement.  tir recognized her as a former herdmate, so he was cool with it.  quin and si gaoithe are half-brother and sister (that gorgeous leannan is the daddy of both), and until quin came to us they had never really been separated, so for them it was about time we righted the wrong!  in about two minutes she had made her way through the gate and set about laying the ground rules.

first order of business was galloping around a bit.  this was a team-building exercise.

next up was a game of follow-the-leader, where the leader’s objective was to keep the humans from ruining the game by coming after them with halters.  the winning move was to stay on the opposite side of the ditch.

(um, guys?  the “ditch” is six inches deep…)


si gaoithe then explained the rules about personal space.  essentially, it boils down to “i will approach you when i feel social and the rest of the time you may not invade my space.”

now, the part about the lead vocalist?  not joking.  this girl can whinny while grazing, and proved it quickly and repeatedly.

 we discovered later that she can also apply this skill while eating at her feed tub.  she is a soprano.  it’s really lovely.

why, yes.  of course we fluffed and brushed.  that goes without saying.  and people…  three gypsies?  that is much fluffing and brushing, i tell you.

but so worth it.

it was heartwarming to see the two babes reunited at the feed tub, much like when we first met them.  and who’s the boss?  you decide…

ok, quin.  first i scratch…

and then you scratch.

but don’t copy me.


and so, tonight we looked back as we left the stables with joy in our hearts.

life is good.

  just an old-fashioned love song, comin’ down in three—oops, four part harmony.

just like a barber/beauty shop quartet.

g’ night.

p.s.  this just in…  go here to see the fabulous gift that just arrived in my inbox!

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  1. wingedpaths permalink
    July 15, 2011 6:12 pm

    Oh, she is wonderful! What a character!

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