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4 important things you should know

May 3, 2011

1.  i am experiencing an incredible lightness of being, which is exactly the intent that i set for myself this past weekend.  i’m in the midst of one of those magical times when suddenly there is wonderful clarity on issues that i have been wrangling with for quite some time.  perhaps the biggest lesson that i am learning through this is to simply get out of my own way.  this takes an embarrassing number of forms, some of which now seem so obvious that i won’t list them here and have to listen to the chorus of “duh” that would echo around me like surround sound.  just be aware that all of the soul-searching that has accompanied the past two years of transitioning to semi-retirement is paying dividends, some of which are quite surprising.

2.  we spent most of the weekend horsing around.  truly.  on saturday we went up to fort collins and had the best time attending the open house at the irish rose farm with the marvelous folks from parnell’s irish cobs.  this deserves an entire, well-thought-out post, so i am going to save that for a little later this week when i have more time to devote to it.  suffice it to say, however, that it was well worth the trip.  we now have enough photos for an entire family album for our two gypsy boys.  and, speaking of our boys, we brought tireachan home on sunday!  oh, joy!  when we drove into the barnyard, the horses didn’t call to each other, and i wondered if they would be happy to see each other again.  we unloaded tir and walked him over to the turn-out pen where the other two boys were at the far end deeply focused on the lush spring grass.  and then…  two heads snapped up, and suddenly they were both headed toward the gate at a full gallop!  oh how i wish that i had thought to have my camera out for this.  once they reached the gate they nearly climbed over it trying to see tir!  we turned him out and let them have some time to be together, even though it was getting kind of late.  and yes, this was followed by another round of “hell, no, we won’t go!” when it was time to put them in their stalls, but i didn’t mind one bit.  not one.  it made me so happy to see them together again.  and today?  we rode!  we saddled up sunny and tir, put quin on the lead, and headed out around ponds full of herons, geese, and ducks.  they didn’t bat an eye–  they loved it!  heck, we loved it!  it looked like this:

well, that’s what it looked like when we remembered to use the camera.  in truth, the three of us played nicely and shared.  and this is what the reward looked like after the ride:

3.  i haven’t forgotten that i promised to post about some projects.  here is this tired blogger’s sampler of watercolor play, collage play, drawing play, and bookbinding play:

there will be a time when i am highly motivated to share these passions of mine at greater length.  this is not that time.

4.  generally speaking i abhor wind, which we’ve had more than our share of thus far this spring.  i attribute my intense dislike of wind to three primary causes:  i have long hair, i wore hard contact lenses for 43 years, and i have spent a fair amount of time in the company of horses, which do not mix well with wind.  i would entertain thoughts of moving to a geographic region that knows no wind, if anyone has any recommendations.  there is, however, a little wind–  a fairy wind, if you will–  that rather excites me.  in fact, said fairy wind is predicted to blow in here some time this thursday.  stay tuned.

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  1. May 3, 2011 5:00 pm

    3. Can’t WAIT for you to explore these mediums more! Just beautiful!
    4. Here, the winter winds finally turned to spring zephyrs yesterday. When it’s really blowing, my long hair hates it too…

  2. wingedpaths permalink
    July 15, 2011 6:00 pm

    I’m glad the soul searching has gone well for you. I had a couple of really thorny issues that took me 9 years to unravel and see clearly–I understand the relief of finally reaching resolution.

    Your art is wonderful! I really love that drawing and… well, no, heck, I really love it all. Playful and colorful and gorgeous. =)

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