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be. still. my. heart. verse 5

April 2, 2011

i realize that if i stayed with my previous format, this post should be “part 5”.

but i’m not, and it isn’t.

because this experience has become like a song to me.

a gentle hum that follows me through the course of my days.

it is a song of my life.

one of the things we know about music is that it becomes a powerful tool for information retrieval.

check that theory by turning on an oldies station and seeing how many songs you can sing along to.

had you merely read those words in a text there would most likely be little or no recall whatsoever.

with the music, the lyrics are embedded in memory and as little as an opening chord can trigger recall.

and therein lies my connection.

this is my old-fashioned love song, begun in adolescence.

this is my three-part harmony:

and this is who arrived on monday afternoon:

does this not make you swoon????

the second he was out of the trailer, charlie handed me the lead rope.

and our little family was finally all together.

so, despite the fact that it was blowing gales out there, we all stood smiling for pictures as the dirt blew into our faces.

we had to.  it was spring break and one of us had planned a trip weeks before and couldn’t be here for the arrival.

we were under strict orders to take lots of photos and to text them!

it was like being handed the leash to a very big and very fuzzy puppy.

but better.

and in just moments, we were doing this:

and guess what?

love at first sight, that’s what!

while tir and quin knew each other from the irish rose farm,

sunny behaved as if this were another long lost brother returned to the fold.

and a few minutes later, they were doing this:

and this:

and even a little bit of this:

(as in, we were right behind them with the halters…)

then it was time for sara and i to commence the fluff and brush routine.

sometimes i’m sure we look like beauty school drop-outs.

this is why we needed to find such a patient and tolerant breed of horse.

(and btw, this is a double mane–  long, lush and full down both sides of his neck!)


the barn owner suggested that we put tir and quin in the same pen for the first night to help our little one get acclimated.

we liked the idea, and the boys loved it!

they made themselves right at home.

after a while, though, they began to wonder if we didn’t have something better to do than follow them around the pen taking pictures.


so we left them alone for a while.

but we came back later…


i’ve had plenty of time to ponder over the past three months why, after so many years without horses,

after years filled with the pursuit of dozens of goals and interests,

after years defining and redefining lifestyles,

i suddenly felt compelled to act on impulse not once, not twice, but three times.

now i know.

it was because the music had started playing again.

and i needed to sing along.

just an old fashioned love song

comin’ down in three-part harmony.




2 Comments leave one →
  1. April 2, 2011 3:19 pm

    Sunny is such a loving gentleman!!!
    The three look beautiful together — just beautiful.

  2. mary kelly permalink
    April 4, 2011 10:34 pm

    You found a horse named Sunny?

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