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happy st. patrick’s day!

March 17, 2011

’tis a glorious day here in the rockies, and i hope for sure that you’re wearin’ green.

for us, the celebrating began on saturday.

we went up to fort collins for the annual lucky joe’s st. patrick’s day parade.

the good folks at parnell’s irish cobs invited us to walk the parade route with them.

oh. what. fun.

we arrived a bit early to help out where we could.

mostly that involved us playing shutter sisters, snapping photos by the dozen in hopes that we’d get some good ones.

the gypsies had been bathed and fluffed.

you can almost feel how soft that mane is, can’t you?

the star of the show was the lovely lisdoonvarna.

lizzie brought all of her closest friends.

you’ve heard the term, “it takes a village to raise a child.”

well, children and horses have a lot in common.

charlie and jan are incredibly loving and patient with their horses.

the horse reflect that right back.

lizzie remained unflappable throughout the entire process.

grace got all prettied up with what she considered to be some tasty ribbons.

she, however, was far less impressed by the magnitude of the occasion.

the time came to hitch up the gypsy flat cart.

once that was accomplished it was time to hurry up and wait.

then wait some more.

followed by a little more, um, waiting…

this is where the gypsy disposition is such a blessing.

lizzie stood just like she was supposed to.

and waited.

finally it was time to begin.

the weather was cooperating nicely.

the crowds lining the streets loved lizzie, especially the kids.

they cheered for her.

college-aged youth cheered for charlie’s cargo on the flat cart.

honestly, i think there is a bit of leprechaun magic in ol’ charlie himself, truth be told.

all too soon we reached the end of the parade route.

the timing was great, because right about that time a cloud cover came over, temperatures dropped, and a wind picked up.

once the horses were loaded up we took a little break to grab some lunch and a pint or two before heading up to the farm to visit our little caoinlain.

i think he smiled when he saw us.

he seemed happy to receive so much attention…

until he remembered the forgotten hay morsels scattered on the ground.

don’t worry, little quin.

there’s lots of great hay at the new home we have for you.

and yes…  i know you’re going to miss charlie.

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  1. mary kelly permalink
    April 4, 2011 10:57 pm

    Wow. How did you discover these horses? Are you going to be driving yours? Are you and a bunch of your gypsy friends about to run away to the woods and live out of a horse-drawn wagon? And make music? And dance around bonfires under full moonlight?

  2. wingedpaths permalink
    July 15, 2011 6:08 pm

    How fun! The St. Patty’s Day parade in Spokane is nowhere near that cool!

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