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be. still. my. heart. part 4

March 6, 2011

today tireachan came home to us.

charlie and jan brought him first thing this morning.

they brought a couple of his friends along to keep him company and get a little more trailering experience.

it helped.

tireachan arrived happy and ready to begin his new adventure.

he stepped eagerly off of the trailer and into his new life.

we took a few photos, said our goodbyes, and then they left.

tir called out to them as they drove away,

and then returned to us for reassurance.


apparently he felt sufficiently reassured,

because what followed was a most amazing day.

we spent about an hour letting tir adapt to his new surroundings in the safety of the arena.

he watched assorted dogs, horses, and cars come and go.

when he felt a little unsure, he came right to us.

then he was good to go again.

then we decided to introduce him to his new big brother.

we got sunny and brought him up to the arena fence.

wow. perfect.

then we brought sunny into the arena with tir and let them see each other.

they were so very curious.

finally we let them approach each other and–  voila!!

had we written the script this couldn’t have gone any better.

so, despite the wind chill we walked them down the lane together.

they loved it.

we stopped for pictures any number of times.

they were just happy to be together.

sunny even reached over to tireachan and whispered a thanks for coming to be his little brother.

things were going so well we decided that perhaps it was time to allow them to be together at liberty.

we took them back to the arena, took off their halters, and turned them loose.

45 seconds later.

60 seconds later.

does it get any better?

after about 20 minutes together we called it good and took them back to their paddocks.

we grabbed some lunch, ran some errands, and went back to the barn.

this time we led them out to the ponds together.

this made them pretty happy.

especially since there are a few green shoots pushing up through the ground.

they trimmed them.

then we turned them out to roll and graze in a turn-out pen.

they both came running back to us when some scary geese took off right in front of them and flew over their heads.

then more grazing.

when the wind suddenly whipped up we’d had enough and took them back.

then it calmed, and tir wasn’t ready for us to leave just yet.

so for 90 MINUTES he stood unhaltered while sara and i brushed him.

he loved it.

then jill came back and continued where i left off.

happy, happy horsie.

by the time we left, he had fluffy legwarmers, a silky mane,

and a flaxen tail no longer sporting its winter dreads.

oh my goodness, do we love this horse.

yes.  we certainly do.

charlie and jan, thank you.

thank you, thank you, thank you.

p.s.  for those of you wondering about little quin,

we are sending him to the, ermmm, tailor, for a little “altering”.

don’t worry–  we’ll share his arrival ASAP, in about 2 weeks or so.

thanks for following along on this journey with us.


and in other news…

i promised some of you a glimpse into my art journals.

so this is the first in an installment of what may be (ahem) many.

during our annual trip to paris a couple of years ago i came across this enormous leather journal at a stationer’s shop.

closed, it measures 12.5 X 21 inches.

although it was ridiculously heavy, it simply had to go in my suitcase for the trip home.

i’ve never regretted it.

it was to be a workbook for artistic experimentation.

on page one i noticed that the rag paper was too porous for wet media and switched to collage.

this was not a problem, since i’m not really a painter but AM an admirer of matisse’s cut-outs.

(all cut-outs are free-form, no patterns)

between cut-outs and photos i can play for hours.

child’s play.

geometric shapes fascinate me.  as you can see, i don’t waste the scraps.

incorporating my love of bloomsbury with an image transfer of virginia woolf and her sister vanessa bell as children.

more geometrics with no waste.

some photos taken on the beach during a trip home to monterey.

i really love these.

that’s a sampling of my workbook.

i’ll go back and journal these pages when the mood strikes.

now that i’ve pulled these out to photograph them the mood seems imminent…



4 Comments leave one →
  1. March 6, 2011 5:01 am

    The pictures are wonderful! What pretty boys you have. Sunny is going to be a fantastic big brother.

  2. Frannie permalink
    March 6, 2011 5:07 pm

    Showed Dad the pictures ……he enjoyed looking at them….looks like U have a growing family with lots of helpers….and riders…..

    Signed up for my art workshop in April…..looking forward to it….in the mean time….need to work on tax prep. Fran

  3. Frannie permalink
    March 6, 2011 5:14 pm

    Jan, I like the way U immerse yourself in your work….it’s like an out-of-body experience and enjoying that creative experience…..someday I am going to try it…..It’s just getting started!

  4. wingedpaths permalink
    April 21, 2011 1:24 am

    Well, you’ve totally sold me! If I ever have horses, it will have to be those. They are so sweet. =) And thank you for the glimpse into your art journal!

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