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be. still. my. heart., part 2

February 27, 2011


after one of the longest weeks known to man, saturday finally arrived.

the day we got to go back to fort collins and  revisit the gypsy horses.

not even a snowfall could stop us now.

we simply had to change our venue to an indoor arena that was nice and dry.

the good folks at parnell’s irish cobs were kind enough to bring over a stock trailer full of horses so that we could ride and get to know them.  how great is that?

first up was laoise, who is not for sale but was kind enough to stand in for her son tireachan to give us an idea of what he will be like when he is started under saddle later this spring.

she is a tall, leggy, and athletic mover who apparently has passed this trait on to her offspring.

the tall girls liked this feature very much.


next up was aibreann, but it appears that the photographer was sleeping on the job during abby’s time on stage.  sorry about that, abby.  i did enjoy riding you, though!


then came glendalough.  we played a little trick on him.

when he was distracted one of the tall girls quietly dismounted.

hey, wait a minute…

where did she go?

i hope i didn’t drop her.

after a confession to kyle followed by an admonishment to pay closer attention, glen was told to look behind him.


that’s not funny, tall girl…


then it was time for grainne ni mhaille to give us a tutorial on driving techniques.

geir (the owner of the arena) stepped in to check her gear.

grace was eager to show us what she could do.

though just a young sprite, she loved the challenge.

she even let us take the reins and give it a try.

how many young horses would have that kind of trust?


great fun.

then all too soon, it was time to load the horses back into the trailer.


meanwhile, back at the farm…


the yearlings were holding a little contest to see which one could roll in the mud and look most like a sheep.

caoinlean was clearly the winner.

mother rose was mortified by her son’s behavior, not to mention disappointed that he had not inherited her attention to appearance.


her response was to ignore him.

undaunted, winner and first runner-up celebrated by stepping into the feed trough for a little snack.


all in all, it was a great day.  and now, one question remains…


which of these lovelies will come to live with us?









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