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and life is good, indeed

December 20, 2010

i was thinking today about all the many things that i am grateful for and it was a plentiful list, i’d say.  so in the interest of time and efficiency (so kidding–  those are certainly not guiding principles for the important things in my life!), i thought i’d list my top ten in a general but not absolute order (except for number one, which is absolute):

1.  my family.  i love them, each and every one.  they give me a place and sense of belonging, always.  always.  they define me, past, present, and future.  no matter what i do, how i grow, which direction i take, i can count on them.  there’s nothing better.  these are the people who make my life rich beyond measure:

2.  the experiences that i have with those i love.  like yesterday, when we had a holiday fest to share a fabulous brunch, bake cookies, read stories, and just generally hang out together with an abundance of laughter and good times.

3.  creativity.  all of the things that inspire me and that i want to make, do, experience, and become.  like photography in all of its forms and variations:

4.  learning.  this could be a subset of number three, but it involves an openness to the expertise of others.  this often increases the likelihood of success as a result…   this learning has taken a very academic approach in the past, and now it includes anything that i am eager to try and have the opportunity to.  like my recent clay class.  remember the would-be bird who morphed into a sea otter?  well, here he is in finished form, along with the halfway point on class two’s garden totem which i have made more pieces for and will glaze tomorrow night:

5.  my friends, who span the continent and, in fact, span the globe.  you know who you are.

6.  my blogging community.  you can say what you want about real vs. virtual, but i have a small list of blogs that i visit daily and through which i have gained a vast appreciation for the beauty inherent in each individual and in each breath of life we take.  i have learned to know individuals who have exhibited  indescribable courage, strength, artistry, compassion, and motivation and that continue to do so regardless of circumstance.  these are not people who hide their light under a bushel.  no.  kelly, amy, jillian, amanda–  i’m talking about you.  i would be a lesser person if not for you.

7.  my pets.  brodie, otto, oliver, camille and moufette teach me daily about unconditional love.  i owe them.

here they are enjoying a saturday morning convening of their hedonist’s society.

8.  my aesthetic appreciation.  i am a born aesthete (yes, that IS a real word).  i love and have a deep appreciation for beauty in both its classical form as well as in its most raw and simple form.  truth be told, i’m passionate about the raw and simple form.  give me an angle of light, a bird in flight, the colors of sunrise, the velvet of a horse’s muzzle, the scent of lavender, or the first sip of fresh morning coffee and i want to freeze that moment in time to savor it again and again.

9.  my sense of humor.  oh, my.  it comes out in the most unexpected ways and at the most unexpected moments.  take my “dead birds of europe” photo series, for example.

at arles.   so sad.  signaling for a right on the bank of the river where vincent painted.                                                                                                   oopsie.  this is a domestic bird.  i call it “sleepwalking”.

10.  what santa is bringing to fill our stockings this year:






oh, yeah, baby.  looks like we have a new horse in the family.  this is sundance.  aka sunny.  those of you who know me well know what this means.  may the circle be unbroken.

i’ll be back.  in the meantime,

merry christmas.

with love.


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  1. Frannie permalink
    December 22, 2010 4:52 am

    I read your blog and it gave me moments of tranquility……something Ireally needed. Yes, it’s nice to take the walks, especially along the path that parallels highway 68. There I gaze at the sky and many of the trees that have been there for oh so many years and wonder what they have seen and heard.

  2. wingedpaths permalink
    January 25, 2011 9:12 am

    And I would be a lesser person without you. You encourage me so much, I cannot begin to tell you.
    I did not know your blog was here until just today. I have enjoyed seeing the world through your eyes so much, and I will definitely be back. ♥

  3. February 1, 2011 2:43 pm

    Thanks for being part of my community!!! I love having you in it. But more importantly — LOOK AT THAT TOTEM!!!???!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m astounded. Seriously. I love it. I love it so much.

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