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i’ve been thinking…

November 28, 2010

apparently i (janet) don’t live life well in reverse. what i mean is that as soon as i locked myself in to blogging about a trip that was in the past i lost interest. perhaps that says a lot about me as a person– i like living in the present. i have a deep reverence and appreciation for the past, but i don’t want to commit a block of time each day to reliving it. i’m more of a today kind of person, with just enough future thrown in to keep me moving forward. let too much time elapse and i’m not the same person any longer.
sooo… i’ve been thinking about how to bring the blog up to date. it needs to stay in the present and not be locked into any kind of formula.  i’m hoping that by january 1 i’ll have an idea in mind.  until then, i’ll pop in periodically with some random thoughts and photos so that the two of you who actually keep checking this site will not go away.  gosh, i’d love to know who you are!  i admire people with stamina.

i’ve been playing, which makes me exceedingly happy.  i’ve published a small book of what i call “impressionist photography”.  i just wanted to see what i could do with an idea i had in mind, so over a 24 hour period i picked an assortment of my images that seemed to lend themselves to the idea, worked them minimally in photoshop elements 6, threw together a book using iPhoto on the mac and hit publish.  easy peasy.  that’s how i do my best work–  get passionate about an idea and run with it.  turn off the internal editor and take chances.  when it arrived i was actually pretty pleased with it.  here are some of the images:  (click on them to enlarge for the full effect)

you get the idea.  i also published a bomb-diggety surprise, but i can’t show you that just yet on account of it being four weeks before christmas.

also, i am making one of these:

it’s a garden totem, and i took the class from katy diver here in town.  i love katy’s work, and this class was a perfect way to start.  it’s a collection of ceramic “beads” that you create individually and then stack of a piece of rebar.  since they are glazed they can be installed outdoors in the garden or be displayed indoors.  mine has a sea theme, mostly because the bird that i was creating for the top piece turned into a sea otter…  i could have been disappointed, but all of the nice people there made much ado about the little otter so i embraced that and created beads with seaweed patterns and had the best time doing it!  so much, in fact, that i signed up for the next class as well.

it’s no secret that i love playing with the photo apps on my iPhone (thank you steve jobs–  i love apple products).  here are a few of the latest:

child’s play, i tell you.  i could do this all day long.  sometimes i nearly do…

i’ve been working on publishing another book.  this time it’s the chapbook of poetry that i did in my graduate program.  since i put that book together by hand, i’m scanning the poems in and then finding appropriate photography to use with them.  i’ll add a couple of my newer poems as well.  and i’m putting together a BIG sampler book of all my photography ideas.  i’ve been keeping a journal for them, but this will be like a workbook of samples illustrating those ideas.  the big size format (35 inches tall by 18 inches wide) will let me print out and use real images in the work rather than just thumbnails.  hello transparencies, mica, canvas, stitchery, paint, tape, and any other embellishment that will help me to live big on red resin paper!

i’ll be back.  thanks for reading.

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  1. November 28, 2010 9:59 am

    Janet, your work is sooooooooooo beautiful. I’ll be looking at these pictures all day, now!


  2. Jennifer permalink
    December 7, 2010 4:15 am

    I’m still here… admiring…

  3. wingedpaths permalink
    January 25, 2011 9:04 am

    Wow! All of that sounds so exciting! You’ll let me know how it all goes, right? =) I want to return the favor and read your poetry collection. I’m sure it’s wonderful.

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