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May 9, 2010

hi.  happy sunday, and happy mother’s day!  three dog night had a song called out in the country that was all about finding space in our busy lives to take a step back and breathe deep, a natural and wild space that would allow the freedom to relax and reflect and then take back something worth remembering.  i don’t always have the luxury of running out to the country, but i do try to spend time outside every day with senses heightened to allow me to take back something worth remembering.  carrying a camera or two has disciplined me to pay close attention, and my old town residential neighborhood is a treasure trove of sensory delights!

i love evening walks when the light is rich and thick, casting beautiful shadows that add depth and dimension to the scenery.  walking down an alley with the setting sun backlighting tree branches and blossoms feels like walking into a movie set, and then rounding the corner and looking back the landscape is spotlighted by the last rays of the sun before its colors fade to darkness.

sunset golf course lies only a few blocks to the west, and sits atop a hill with a stunning view of the front range and the majestic rockies beyond.  stately old trees stand sentinel  over the vast expanse of smooth, rolling hills carpeted in green velvet.

the angle of light here is dramatic, and it’s imperative to look up as well as ahead to appreciate the beauty of this place.

the neighborhood is eclectic, dating back to the turn of the last century, encompassing a spectrum from very grand to very modest domiciles.  the variety is charming, and there is always something to catch the eye.

a couple of miles down the road is an independent business that draws people from the surrounding region.  a trip to the flower bin is a visual delight, and the scents and colors are intoxicating!  a visit here can never be brief…

and it certainly wasn’t this week when i took an “artist’s date” to pick out the flowers for my tiny upstairs deck.  it was an indulgent luxury to wander the crowded greenhouse aisles as raindrops tap-danced on the roof overhead.  the rest of the afternoon was spent with my fingers plunged into potting soil and then arranging the colors, shapes, and textures around their new home.

my deck in summer is like a magic treehouse.  overlooking the neighbor’s victorian house and vast vegetable and flower garden it is a little haven from the hustle and bustle of daily life that feels quite otherworldly.           with a cup of steaming coffee in the morning or a glass of deep red wine in the evening it is my utopia.

other things worth remembering this week include:

•  driving out to work in the mornings and seeing new baby foals every couple of days at the neighboring horse farms

•  a visit to the farmer’s market and bringing home luscious cranberry walnut bread, apple stollen, and a bar of victorian rose soap

•  hearing henri the butler call me to scrumptious meals prepared by pierre the sous chef, and seeing jacques the gardener deadheading the dandelions and running the push mower over the lawn, all of them looking strangely like my absurdly loveable francophile husband, the very same one, in fact, who brought me a phalaenopsis orchid tonight just because he thought i would like it…  and i do!

happy mother’s day to frannie and to jennifer–  you are both wonderful moms!

have a dazzling week, and don’t forget to take back something worth remembering!

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