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April 25, 2010

welcome.  the onset of spring suffered a setback the past few days with over two inches of rain, at times accompanied by dramatic clumps of snow dropping from the sky creating a most unreal effect.  then, this afternoon, the clouds suddenly lifted and we had a glorious evening that brought people and their dogs out in bunches to celebrate.

the zoom lens for my camera came in and tonight i christened it with a walk around the neighborhood.  next week i take a class on the use of my camera, and i am busy experimenting to learn as much as possible.  between the fun i have using my iPhone camera with the apps that i’ve downloaded and the experimenting i’m doing with the new camera my photo files are filling up fast.  i guess that means i need to look into an external hard drive for storage and/or uploading my photos to a web storage account.   any recommendations?

highlights of this week included:

•  attending my granddaughter’s dance recital and watching her perform the bumblebee hoedown

•  the first strawberry/rhubarb crisp of the season

•  evening walks with the camera(s)

•  downloading music from iTunes, including several 60’s hits that bring back some pretty sweet memories

•  earth day, celebrated with an arts showcase night at school

•  the sound of rain on the roof when falling asleep at night

•  feeling deeply inspired by jillian susan at the noisy plume, who is one of the most artistic, aesthetic, authentic, socially conscious, beautiful, and genuinely nice people i can think of

•  feeling deeply appreciative of the abundance in my life, including the beauty surrounding me where i live

having said that, all of the following photos were taken on walks in my neighborhood this week:

have a lovely week of abundance!

and here is our regular pattern post:

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