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April 18, 2010

it’s definitely spring, and it’s bursting out all over!  color is appearing everywhere, and tree blossoms fill the air with a heady fragrance that stops me in my tracks.  i find myself pulling one camera or another out at all times of day and night just to play and experiment with slightly altered effects.  it’s so much fun to download new shots and watch them pop up on the computer screen in stunning detail and full, rich, glorious color!

sibella court’s new book etcetera has me dreaming up color palettes of favorite experiences and places.  i can’t wait to start mixing up paints to go with the names i chose for my monterey bay palette:  foam, high tide, cloudy sea, beach sand, deep bay, driftwood, moonlight, abalone, kelp, and calm reflection.  i plan to create a small art installation somewhere upstairs based on this concept, allowing me a connection to the sea from my landlocked domain.

another good week, this one was, lived in eager anticipation of the season of sandals and capris.  highlights included:

•  orchids blooming riotously in my bathroom

•  seeing tartuffe at the denver conservatory theater

•  helping children find creative self-expression through photography

•  happy hour at panzano sharing an assortment of enticing appetizers for dinner

•  sitting on the deck in the sun with a glass of wine and a good book

•  a walk around golden ponds

•  the arts in education summit in denver with soooo many delightful workshops to choose from, good food for breakfast and lunch, and all of it free of charge

enjoy your week!

here’s our regular pattern post:

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  1. wingedpaths permalink
    January 25, 2011 7:53 am

    This makes me yearn for spring even more than usual. It’s funny–I have never been much of a beach/ocean person, but sometimes when someone writes about it with such passion, it will strike a chord in me. This is definitely one of those times.

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