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April 11, 2010

hello.  it has been a beautiful week.  we are getting close to the open-window, eat-outside-on-the-deck, take-another-walk-just-because-it’s-so-lovely time of year that i love so much.  tomorrow should be in the low 70’s, so maybe it will be our “season opener” for all of these activities!  highlights this week include:

•  long walks with happy dogs, including one around macintosh lake

•  getting a set of cameras for school with a technology grant and having kids ready and waiting for me to take them out for a photo shoot on monday

•  a family birthday celebration

•  fine-tuning summer travel plans

•  more adventures with sourdough…  yum

•  opening the front door to the enclosed porch as the weather warms and watching the kitties rediscover the outside world perched on the windowsills

•  putting a magnificent photo of the monterey bay on my computer desktop and feeling like i’m back home each time i log in

•  loving my iPhone and its photo apps

here are some recent examples:

and here is our regular pattern post.  have a delightful week!

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